Stem Cells Can Rebuild Our Health And Body

What’s the best way to keep the stem cells you produce through extended fasting?

Is it the length of the fast? Partially. 

Three days is a good start.

Is it what you eat when you finish fasting? Partially. 

Quality low oxalate, whole, low insulin-producing foods are best.

Is it the supplements you take while fasting? No.

The number one determining factor to whether you keep the billions of stem cells you produce through extended fasting is exercise.

stem cell adherence

Regular exercise and general physical fitness before, during, and after a fast is the best strategy for stem cell adherence from fasting.

Sorry, there’s no way around exercise. 

It must be a part of your life and lifestyle if you want to keep the hard-earned, body-regenerating, genetic time clock reversing, healing, hormone balancing, and resilience-building stem cells you produce from a well-executed fasting effort.

Shifting from food deprivation to surplus will produce a significant amount of stem stell every time. 

That’s the easy part. Keeping them is the hard part.

It seems like a lot of work and effort to blast our system with these new cells to turn around and have them all recycled rather than rebuild us from the inside out.

Start wherever you can and build your physical fitness over time. 

As you build your ability to fast, the two will magnify each other, and the results will compound to more health and healing benefits than either can provide alone. 

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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