Most Women will be Severely Obese by 2030

Severe obesity will be the most common BMI category for women, black men, and “low-income” males.

1 in 2 adults will be obese (over 42% are now), and 1 in 4 severely obese.

Parents, at the same time, if you are suffering, you are teaching your kids to be heavier and sicker than you are.

Type-2 Diabetes has risen over 95% in people under 20 years old. 

Where did they learn that? How did that happen?

Extreme times call for extreme measures.

Shut Your Mouth and Fast! Now!

Although I don’t think of fasting as extreme but rather an expected process that we have culturally eliminated, fasting is the only option MOST Americans have to reverse their health-destructive path.

Dabbling, “trying things,” making excuses about how it won’t work for you, how you are different, and practicing moderation are all failing and killing you as you intentionally turn a blind eye because it might make you uncomfortable to change. 

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but moderation will kill me.”

Yes, you can do this. But will you?

Yes, it’s bad, but is it bad enough for you or your kids to do anything about it?

There’s no time to argue and hide behind your perceived uniqueness, not to act.

“But Don, I just love food too much!”

Shut your mouth and fast!

If you have never fasted, try it.

If you have fasted unsuccessfully, do it differently.

If you want to master fasting in your life and teach your family with a plan, calendar, lessons, structure, and coaching, message me today.

Invest time and money to learn to fast once, and apply the skills for a lifetime.

It might be the only thing that can save you at this point. 

Well, we shall see in the next few years. Your health is your choice. We shall see. Literally.

Scroll through my posts and join my Insulin-Friendly Fasting Secrets group for free information on this. Join my challenges for more accessible opportunities to initiate change, learn, and try fasting. 

Message me when you’re ready to change your health path and destiny for one-on-one expert help from someone who has worked with thousands of people and taught them to fast successfully—Results guaranteed—action required.

No more excuses left. What else can I offer to help you? I can’t fast for you anymore than you can exercise for me. I would if I could because it saves lives!

If you just want to tell me how you tried everything, can’t fast because of “X’ or “Y,” or it doesn’t “work for you,” you can save it and scroll on.

We can do better! And we MUST!

Dr. Don