Ever looked at starting a hormonal reset program?

What about a gut microbiome reset?

Reset to get your hormones or metabolism back on track or in line?

Well, no, you didn’t do any of that.

reset metabolism

What does it mean to reset something in your body?

Usually, people refer to getting a body system, organ, or process to work better or work like we feel it used to and feel better.

When we say we are “resetting” our bodies, most people are talking about improving their metabolism to burn body fat or increase their energy levels. Women often say they want to reset their endocrine system or their hormones or balance them out. Men, well, they don’t say much, but that’s another post for another time.

Here’s the secret: the body has no constants to “reset” our system or balance out. 

I can understand wanting our body to work as well as it can and feel better, but these ambiguous terms are misleading.

There is only one way to reset anything in our body, system, organs, hormones, metabolism, etc.

It comes fasting, yet again.

Through the dynamic process of autophagy being expressed as the recycling system, stronger and stronger receptors will be absorbed. New ones are reformed. 

Similarly, our immune system will be recycled, allowing an entirely new set of immune cells and systems to occur. 

Our circadian rhythm is not set in stone and can be recalibrated by how, what, and when we reintroduce food and improve our sleep and healing.

This next point is a very important distinction. 

While in the repair state, when autophagy and recycling are at their highest levels, the body doesn’t kill any of its cells for recycling. The forces of our Innate Intelligence never injure or destroy the structures in which they work. But they will reset a cell’s internal time clock that allows a cell that has stayed at its job past its natural retirement date to retire and leave the workplace on its own.

When cells have overstayed their utility time and retire to be recycled, this stimulates the body via the immune system to order newly made stem cells to come and apply for the new job opening. 

When successful, we see healing, rejuvenation, and growth. When this process is limited or not supported well, these new cells will be recycled, and that healing opportunity is lost, and the health and function of those tissues will remain damaged or sick.

A successful cellular and system upgrade results in increased sensitivity, as in improved insulin sensitivity meaning a little goes a long way, and things work very efficiently. AKA: Improved function.

If a “reset” is needed and exists, then this is it! 

Here’s why practicing “moderation” and conventional medical approaches to health “management” and weight loss can’t work. These approaches have been shown to worsen some people’s health and conditions. 

Once our body system is overworked or damaged, reducing the exposure to the actions that cause damage will never allow it to heal or get better.

You can take a large pear-shaped person and suggest they cut their calories and reduce their dietary fat to help them become a smaller pear, but the pear shape and the associated damage created as it formed is still there and worsening even at a smaller size. 

Some things must be eliminated. At least for a while. At least until the fundamental damage is repaired. 

Once repaired, someone will need to make ongoing lifestyle changes to prevent repeating the actions that caused the problem in the first place.

This newly repaired system needs people to take proactive measures to nurture the new system they just repaired to maintain healthy function.

Yes, that sounds like a lot when I list what many people think is obvious. Still, the reason I do is to illustrate that one must make changes in behavior, and often many changes that take time to learn and get accustomed to if one truly wants to overcome their health issues and improve their quality of life.

It will take work. Act daily, think weekly, plan monthly, set goals yearly, and follow them to the best of your ability. Seek help and direction or a plan from professionals who specialize in achieving exactly what you want.

If you want a plan and program to follow and are ready to do the work needed to achieve your goals, please let me know directly about the programs I offer to see if they fit your needs and goals.

If you don’t work with me or another qualified professional, at least learn all you can about these topics and, above all, start to apply what you know and make some changes. Make any changes. Just start now and do something, and do it differently if you desire different results than you have now.

Suppose you need a place to find more information and dig into your learning process. In that case, you can keep following and scroll through my posts here or join my group, Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” for thousands of educational content options to choose from for free, with absolutely no barrier to entry to access them. Help yourself and put the info to good use by finally making a change for the better.

We can do better!

Dr. Don