Male Hormonal Issues May Be Linked To Brain Growth and Health

Although the brain is not able to regenerate, it does have the potential to grow anew by creating new brain cells and new connections between the brain cells and different regions of the brain. It seems that brain growth, or the lack thereof, is what causes chronic disease. It may also cause us to feel disconnected, isolated, and depressed.

“With a low rate of neurogenesis, your brain shrinks, your life contracts, and you move toward memory loss, cognitive deficits, dementia, stress and anxiety, depression, reduced executive function, immunity, and myriad health problems.” Author: Brant Cortright, PH.D.

The growth of new brain cells, known as Neurogenesis, requires that a certain tone occurs in the nervous system and hormonal profile. When this specific tone and profile is analyzed, it turns out that it is exactly the same tone and profile that I promote here by using insulin-friendly lifestyle and exercise models.

This means that the state of the nervous system and the hormonal profile that slows down or stops brain growth (neurogenesis,) also promotes a state of a chronic stress response and inflammation at the same time.

If the steady decrease in brain growth is combined with chronic stress and inflammatory state, both states will gradually magnify and this ultimately leads to very specific changes starting to occur:

“Irritable Male Syndrome: A state of hypersensitivity, anxiety, frustration and anger that occurs in males and is associated with biochemical changes, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and the loss of the male identity.” Extract from the book: The Irritable Male Syndrome by Jed Diamond.

I believe that there are two segments in these quotes that are of critical importance. These are:

“…your life contracts…….and……..the loss of the male identity.”

When this is combined with the accumulative result of a lack of brain growth (neurogenesis) over time, it causes the gradual withdrawal, isolation, and disconnectedness we see in many men.

This same process creates shortcuts in the wiring of the brain and essentially blinds the man from easily seeing his decline as he gets irritable, short-tempered, condescending, constantly defensive, while chronically blaming others. He essentially changes and becomes nasty, and is not himself.

Men, if you think this sounds absurd, it may just be a symptom of the problem! If you need confirmation that this is potentially happening to you, simply ask your spouse – that is, if you dare!

If you think this is happening to you, there is, fortunately, no reason to worry, as there are some great options available to help you jump-start the process and start to heal this issue. Our men can come back, and they will be stronger than ever! It will however take time, but there is no question about it – it needs to be done.

Dying to find out where you can start? Begin with an insulin-friendly lifestyle and DAILY exercise. It does not even matter what type of exercise – any kind will do. You’ll be able to find a lot of relevant information on my past posts here. The next step is awareness work on steroids, but I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Ladies, if you see these behaviors all too clearly in your man, please feel free to message me directly. You too men, if you find yourself barking at your wife every day, or feel they “nag” you all the time, this post may just be describing you. Send me a direct message, and don’t worry, I won’t tell your wife!

We can do better!

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