Maximal Health and Healing Require Fasting


Fasting activates powerful adaptation genes responsible for rapid healing and optimal function.

The two critical cycles of cellular repair and recycling systems for maximal health and healing require fasting to express fully.

The metabolic fed state activates by responding to the food, ingredients, manner of food preparation, processing, cooking, combination, and time of day we eat it.

While in the fed state, the body will shift into “demolition mode,” breaking down the food we eat, and will stay active for two to eight hours after we finish.

During an extended time without food, the body activates the “construction mode” of the fasted or “repair” state. 

In the repair state, the body removes broken, misshapen, inefficient, out-of-date parts and machinery overdue for upgrades by signaling two critical processes to start.

Inventory what cells and tissues need to be replaced or parts and pieces upgraded.

Identifies inefficient or malfunctioning and damaged cells and organelles within other cells working past their genetic expiration date and resets it to be recycled and eliminated.

When we break the fast, the body will produce billions of new stem cells sent to tissues, organs, and structures within the body where this inventory identified the need for replacement.

Stem cells are undifferentiated, meaning they are brand-new cells that can become many different cells like the brain, muscle, skin, liver, heart, and much more. 

Healing combines detoxification, anti-aging, and growth from cycling through the fed and repair state as it rebuilds, rejuvenates, and reinforces the body’s tissues, organs, and systems.

Times of food scarcity were so consistent in our lives that our bodies responded with genes to heal and repair our system to make it stronger through the struggle we faced. 

Without fasting, survival genes for health and healing driving our natural repair and recycling systems do not fully activate the full healing capabilities to improve health, slow aging, and keep us looking young.

The optimal balance between the fed and fasted state is with a short, infrequent time in the fed state and the rest of the day and night in the fasted state.

Step one: Eat less often. 

  1. Three meals a day, no snacking, no flavored drinks between meals.

  2. Rotate in 2-3 days when ready and skip breakfast or dinner.

  3. Once used to the above, skip one full day of eating, not 24 hours.

  4. When ready, move to 2 separate days with at least one day in between and fast.

Start to create an eating and support plan to build up to adding days and extended fasting, how to break your fast, and the diet and lifestyle strategies to include or change and maintain before the next fast.

The healthy results from fasting are natural and waiting within us all, and we can learn to harness this healing potential through developing fasting as a skill and incorporating it into our life and lifestyle.

Give it a try. It takes practice and patience; you will learn about yourself as you get better with each fast. If you pay attention, that is.

If you want information about my 6-month Hormonal Enhancement and Fasting Rotation or to see if a custom program is right for you, please message me directly.

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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