Yes, I am a happily, excited half-empty kind of guy.

One of my favorite responses to the sometimes dreaded question of, “Don, how are you,” is “Near Perfect!”

Dr. Sid Williams, a lifelong mentor of mine who continues to teach me now long after his passing, used to famously use this “Near Perfect” response to the point of, to some,a long standing joke, and I love it and still use it today.

The pursuit of happiness is not just a line in our United States Declaration of Independence but a life philosophy that evokes the basic human right not to be happy but to pursue happiness.

There is always room in my glass for more!

I always want to attract and make room for more joy, laughter, excitement, fortune, love, friendship, opportunity, patience, grace, understanding, learning, and self improvement. Just to name a few.

Dr. Williams would follow his response of “Near Perfect” with “and closing the gap every day!”

We can argue whether perfection is attainable or not, and both be right, but that’s not my focus here, but rather to illustrate the continual personal goal of being better every day.

I get strange responses when I say I’m “Near Perfect.” When I do, I often follow it up with, “Well, I didn’t say HOW near.” 

It’s all relative, and the only yardstick that matters to me in my progress is my own. So I get to say what i want, and I determine how near to what ever it is i a reaching for at the moment. 

So yes, my friends, followers, and onlookers, I am in pursuit!

I am in pursuit to all that I listed above in my relationships, friendships, family life, business, and journey of personal discovery, and I can honestly say, may my glass never feel full to the point that I cease this endless pursuit in life and love!

If you find yourself feeling more empty than full or circling the bottom of the glass, remember, you’re near perfect and closing the gap with plenty of room to grow, change, and improve all around you if that is what you are in pursuit of. 

If you don’t see it that way, think of it this way: We see what we seek.

What are you looking for? What do you see in others or yourself? Where is your focus?

Tomorrow my post will be about my gratitude for never having my dreams come true. So keep following here or in my group, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” and find out why.

If you don’t like what you see, change your point of view and do things differently!

We can do better!

Dr. Don