Auto-immune Conditions Are Not An Accident


Autoimmune conditions are not an accident.

The body isn’t attacking itself as we are told.

Autoimmune conditions are no mistake.

Autoimmune conditions, or so we call them, occur when the body is forced to use an extreme response when the natural response is not being used.

A hyper-autoimmune response that leads to what we call autoimmune conditions occurs when the mechanics of an organ like the thyroid, pancreas, or gut system desperately needs to clean out old, overused, inefficient parts that are causing problems.

This hyper response occurs when the natural, normal, and relatively easy early clean-up and maintenance and recycling system isn’t activated and can’t do its job.

If you have ever seen a war or spy show like I have, then you know that there are two main ways they stop the bad guys. 

The first option is to send in a highly trained and efficient team of special forces soldiers to quietly get in, do their job, and get out without anyone ever knowing they were there.

The second option is to drop a bomb on the compound and hopes they get the bad guys with as little, yet inevitable, collateral damage as possible. 

Our body works in a similar way. 

The behind-the-scenes, highly trained, and efficient team that is our first line of defense is the recycling system of the body that works in the fasted metabolic state through autophagy. 

The recycling system of the body runs quietly, efficiently, and effectively to keep the gears of our body running smoothly and keep the peace well before any thoughts of ordering a bombing strike are needed.

Our systemic immune response gets activated when the recycling needs of the body build up over time and the function declines to the point of needing to take evasive action and bomb the entire system to control the damage and consequently cause a lot of collateral damage.

At this point, you can try and manage all the collateral damage that occurs in different tissues and organs of the body, or you can work to repair the system and strengthen the recycling system and allow it to do what it is designed to do to fix the machinery and eliminate the need for the invasive autoimmune bombing that has been occurring. 

One way or another the body will handle what needs to be handled. The good news is we can work to strengthen the recycling system through autophagy and stop the collateral damage and save the special forces for when we really need it and not simply manage a condition to make it more comfortable as it gets worse.

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We can do better!

Dr. Don