Fasting is counted in days, not hours.

A 24-hour fast is not a full-day fast.

Usually, when people say they are fasting for 24 hours, they go from dinner to dinner or one meal on one day to another on the next.

This is not a full-day fast, even though there are 24 hours in a day. Any more than fasting for one hour a day for 24 days is a full-day fast when technically someone fasted for 24 hours.

A dinner-to-dinner, a 24-hour fast is half of two days. Not a full day.

A full-day fast is when you don’t eat for a full day and includes two nights’ sleep.

For example, eating dinner on Monday night and then eating again on Wednesday is a full-day fast.

True fasting counts days, not hours.

Hour counters usually are practicing time-restricted eating and or delayed onset eating. Not true fasting.

Time-restricted eating and delayed onset eating are great strategies and techniques to help you build your fasting metabolism to work your way up to an actual fast. I call them “Intermediate Fasting,” not intermittent fasting.

Intermediate Fasting is a great tool, but don’t stop when there is so much more healing and body redefinition waiting for you with true full-day fasting.

When in doubt, shut your mouth and fast!

We can do better! 

Dr. Don