Don’t call me doctor. Don

“You’re not even a real doctor!”

Suppose a real doctor is one of the medical professionals who have led the health and recovery process over the last few years (decades). 

In that case, the descriptive term is derogatory.

I am embarrassed at how most (not all) of our country’s “doctors” have abandoned basic health and physiology facts and bent over to willingly follow the dictated mainstream script about all things infectious, treatment, prevention, and health-related in the last few years.

So no, don’t call me doctor. Even though I am.

“You’re not even a real doctor!”

This is a typical emotional cry signaling the exit from a conversation that conflicts with someone’s excuses or understanding.

This ad hominem argumentative fallacy is akin to raising the white flag in a discussion or debate to indicate the person can’t speak directly to the subject and needs to try and do some authority damage tactic as they justify their surrender in the loudest way possible.

Other discussion-ending phrases that are used expecting to have no rebuttal and accepted to end the conversation are as follows:

“I’m just doing the best I can.” 

“I just want what’s best for my kids.”

“I have tried everything, and nothing worked.”

“I tried that (oversimplified description of some diet or effort), and it didn’t work.”

“You don’t know me. My situation is different. Everyone is different!”

“I have (add any popular diagnosis), so I can’t.”

“You’re a man, so you don’t know about (perceived woman’s uniqueness).”

“It is genetic, and everyone in my family has it. There’s nothing I can do.”

“I just don’t know who to listen to.”

“All the science is conflicting.”

“There’s no science to support it… show me the peer-reviewed study supporting this (even though they have no idea how to read or interpret it).”

“If it was true, my doctor would have mentioned this… my doctor said it’s not true.”

I could go on and on, and I bet so could you.

Fasting. I get it. Fasting brings up all sorts of issues, emotions, and excuses.

There’s no shortage of excuses one can use to not fast, but there are very, I mean very, few that support the idea that one “can’t” fast.

It’s almost guaranteed that you can fast and that fasting can help you improve your health, resolve medical issues, and produce significant, healthy weight loss.

Just be honest and say you don’t want to fast. 

No need to explain. That sums it up well. 

Or better yet, say nothing. 

Or even better, refrain from convincing me why you are so different and can’t fast. 

I do not accept it and will tell you so. 

All your choice.

The American health standards and status are rocketing to a deadly and miserable low faster than can be calculated, and we DO NOT HAVE TIME to “try” things, dabble, practice moderation, or try and cut some bad things back or out.

Most people will die with or from the problems they have or are developing right now as I type with that sort of weak, watered-down, make-everything-easy attempt to make someone feel fine about not being fine at all.

These are drastic times that need drastic measures.

So, in short. Shut your mouth and fast!

Yes, this is extreme, but you are extremely sick, and just doing less of what got you here won’t change your course, even if it slows it slightly. 

If it’s time to change, turn this health and weight-gaining ship around, and learn how to get and stay healthy naturally, message me for information on my program.

Learn once and apply it for a lifetime, and teach your family. Make that your legacy—a healthier life and future.

If you want to tell me how it won’t work for you, scroll on.

Suppose you want to “learn more” about this and dabble… 

Well. In that case, I wish you the best and extend over one thousand content pieces, posts, articles, videos, graphics, ebooks, lists, manuals, and more that I have written or made and use in my paid and free programs here on my wall over the past ten years or in my group, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” or here on my website.

They are all public and free.

We don’t have time to dabble. I have worked with thousands of people and have yet to see these strategies not improve people’s health and weight when applied accordingly.

We can do better!

Dr. – well, maybe just, Don.