Can You Drastically Cut Chronic Inflammation Quickly?

Yes, very quickly and naturally without products or medications.

First: What’s the number one source of inflammation in our lives today?

  • Stress?
  • Money?
  • Environment?
  • Physical trauma?
  • Toxins?
  • Lack of exercise?
  • Poor diet?

Nope, not them

The natural counterpart to inflammation lies on the other side of the peak in a bell curve sloping down as inflammation is balanced by resolution. 

The inflammatory process is just one side of the cycle of inflammation that is met and reversed by the resolution process to return the body and tissues to a neutral, healthy, inflammation-free baseline again.

We don’t need less inflammation or more anti-inflammation diets and gimmicks. We need more resolution, strength and efficiency. 

The number one cause of systemic inflammation in our body is from eating. 

More specifically, from the Neuro-metabolic effects of too much time in the fed state.

The fed state drives and maintains inflammation when present. 

Eating is pro-inflammatory

Burning body fat is as well. 

So is exercise, sun exposure, heat-cold adaptation, as well as learning something new, and having an emotionally intelligent conversation.

It can take two to eight hours to transition from the fed state to the fasted after eating, depending on how well-trained and metabolically flexible they are.

That leaves just a short window while most people sleep for the potential to sink deep into the fasted state.

Inflammation lives in the fed state, and resolution belongs to the fasted state.

They both can’t be on and work in cycles to keep the inflammatory peace. That is if we let them.

We force the body to function most of the day and part of our night in the fed state by eating from when we get up until we fall asleep, eating multiple meals, snacks, and drinks.

We have it backward.

We are supposed to be in a prolonged fasting state followed by or broken up by 1 to 3 breaks-of-fasting when we eat over a narrow window of time.

Within the first 3-4 days of fasting, most healthy people can see their blood sugar and insulin levels drop significantly (insulin is pro-inflammatory), cortisol double (cortisol is the most potent anti-inflammatory substance known), Human Growth Hormone triple (fountain of youth hormone), brain-derived neurotrophic factor rise (anti-inflammatory and brain cell connections), Insulin Degradation Hormone begin to break down brain plaquing, body fat used for fuel, ketones used for energy (anti-inflammatory), hunger hormones lower, and much more.

Fluid build-up that increases cellular stress, and more inflammation will be shed from the body. Cells that have lost their natural time clock, damaged cells, and rogue troublemaking cells all return in line and are recycled through autophagy. 

It may be a fluid loss, but it is more vital than the fat loss at this stage in the game and needs to go.

If you stop eating and you feel light headed, weak, have brain fog, shake, headache, or have increased irritability, then you probably aren’t ready to fast entirely yet. At least not comfortably.

Those reactions when fasting usually comes from carb withdrawal, addiction impulses, and plant toxins being processed as they start to leave your system.

Prepare and plan your fasting calendar and rotate your efforts to build up to different fasts and back down, creating a variable over a 6-month timeline.

If you get stuck, stop, then start again. If it is going well, see if you can push on.

The only way to healthy weight loss is to get healthy, lower inflammation, improve hormones, and watch the weight come off as you do.

You can’t lose weight to get healthy. You must get healthy to lose weight.

Fasting is a requisite for health and healing and is built and expected in our systems for survival. 

We can do better.

Message me if you need a structure and plan.

Dr. Don