Common Fasting Questions and my 2 Cents

1. Why is coffee OK on a fast?

Everyone can decide for themselves what they want on their fast, there are no rules. I believe the major health-benefiting element of fasting comes from the significant drop in insulin levels. So, since fat and coffee do not affect insulin then they can be used sparingly… can tea, coconut oil, coconut oil chocolates, broth, herbs, etc…..but again, just to keep you going into a longer time frame.

2. What if I get dizzy while fasting?

I have not yet seen a single client I have worked with during fasting go into a sustained hypoglycemic state, only 2 have even temporarily dipped into the ‘50s after starting a fast (below 50 in healthy people is still normal).

What people are experiencing when they “feel” symptoms during a fast are detox reactions or carb addiction cycle reactions. Sea salt is important before and during a fast and can curb the detox reactions as can drinking lots of water and Epsom salt baths. Apple cider vinegar helps the carb issue, I mix it in water.

3. Why does my blood pressure fluctuate?

When someone moves away from both sugar in the diet and sugar burning the effects of their chronic deficiencies in salts show up strong…..hence some people have blood pressure fluxes since sugar and salts do the same things for fluid retention and blood pressure. When fasting the body has to kick in the innate mechanism to use salts for regulation since it has been using the crutch of sugar for so long.

4. Why do I get cold when I fast?

IMO, people get cold while fasting for 2 reasons:

1) The mineral (salts) deficiency is strong, salts help us maintain body temperature.

2) They shift from burning sugar for fuel which produces 50 times the free radicals and consequent oxidation and inflammation than fat means one who has been in sugar burning mode has been “running hot” and when they shift to fat-burning as in fasting they return to normal which after a long time will feel cold.

I hope that helps, I will add these questions and any more you have to my fasting summary and rotational fasting guide as I build it out.

If you have more questions and if your ready to finally do this, please post them in the comments and I will see what I can do to help.

We can do better!

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