Autoimmune Reactions are not caused by chemical exposure directly.

The immune response has two main characters, Sherlock Holmes and Wyatt Earp.

Neither of them goes directly after chemicals.

Our immune system, through the inflammatory process, removes damaged cells.

Chemicals can infiltrate our cells and cause damage causing the cells to be removed or “attacked,” but the immune system doesn’t target environmental chemicals. 

Sherlock Holmes is our T4 Helper cell.

Sherlock Holmes goes to a crime scene and starts investigating, looking for clues left behind by a biological criminal. 

Once the clues are found, Sherlock targets the associated criminal (in this case, a damaged, rouge cell), and the local police force of our general inflammatory response comes in and makes the arrest.

This is why T4 Cells are called “Helper Cells,” they are not there for a specific criminal but to find evidence of them.

Wyatt Earp is our T8 Killer Cell.

Wyatt Earp is a state Marshal that receives information ahead of time, just like receiving a warrant for the arrest of a specific criminal.

Previous exposure or infection of a pathogen, or in this story, a criminal, allows the immune system to write up a file on the pathogen/criminal with exact instructions detailing what to do with them should they appear again, i.e., antibodies.

T4 cells help identify damaged cells to be removed by the local immune response, and T8 cells go after pathogens or cells that harbor known criminals directly for removal.

The idea that an autoimmune response of the body is the body attacking itself accidentally is simply wrong.

To think that an autoimmune response is an overreaction is also wrong.

The one thing we do know, or at least those who choose to look closely enough, is that the body doesn’t make mistakes and can not be “fooled” by anything. The body is always a hundred steps ahead of what we know and think and always has been and always will be.

An autoimmune reaction isn’t the body ridding itself of any chemicals and accidentally damaging other tissues as collateral damage.

Chemicals are getting into your body, into your cells, and causing damage triggering your body to come in and fix it.

The extent of the chemical damage resulting in an immune response two things determine an individual experience:

  • One: The type and concentration of the chemical.
  • Two: The body’s ability to withstand exposure to the chemical.

A strong chemical combined with a weak body equals a significant amount of resulting damage and immune response.

Strong Chemical + Stong System = Minimal Damage and Response

There are two ways to recover from, heal, and strengthen your immune response and overall autoimmunity.

Eliminate chemical exposures or reduce the potency significantly, and strengthen your body and improve the efficiency of your system.

Inflammation is not harmful. Most people need more.

Poor resolution of inflammation is fatal.

The complete inflammatory response works on a bell-type curve, with the inflammatory process building up to the peak of the curve and then the resolution side taking it back down to the baseline.

The first side is a sympathetic nervous system response, and the second is a parasympathetic nervous system response.

The first happens in the fed state, and the second in the fasted state.

Stress and food turn it on, fasting and resilience bring it down.

For more info on these ideas, keep following, join my group, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” and if you are stuck and ready for a program to learn to fast effectively, change your health, or lose weight, message me or leave a comment. 

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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