Acid Based Diet

Two distinct metabolisms work optimally when activated separately and struggle the more the two overlap.

I keep it simple and call them acid-based metabolism and carbohydrate-based metabolism.

An acid-based diet is a diet that primarily includes animal proteins and fat. Animal proteins are whole proteins made up of naturally occurring assortments of amino acids, and fats made up of fatty acids.

Human stomach acid, hydrochloric acid, is a strong acid that, without the stomach mucosal layer to keep the body protected, would eat right through our gut and spill out on the floor.

Amino and fatty acids are mild acids quickly broken down by our much stronger stomach acid.

Animal protein and fat are the lowest residue foods and have higher utility in the body than plant or plant-based foods.

Humans can’t digest fiber or produce the enzymes needed to open up plant cells to access the nutrient payload they may seem to carry. Specifically, plant cells are made of cellulose that requires cellulase, among other enzymes, to break them down and ultimately digest them, which humans lack.

Anyone who has eaten corn knows how poorly the human digestive tract handles fiber, cellulose, and other plant materials.

If one is to inadvertently eat a small piece of bone while enjoying a steak, that bone is digested easier than the broccoli that might accompany it.

Bone is made of amino acids and minerals and will be 100% digested and leave nearly no residue in the system as it is.

“But red meat rots in human intestines, right?” 

No, not at all, but plants will quite literally, and that’s what produces bloating and gas from the fermenting, rotting plant material.

Want to heal your digestive tract

Cut out plants and plant-based foods from your diet for five days and see what happens to your irritable bowel, constipation, dysbiosis, leaky gut, food sensitivities, and autoimmune reactions. 

You can thank me later.

Easy and bloat-free digestion is just one dietary experiment away. 

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes.

We can do better!