Why Is Change So Hard? It’s Not.

It’s not the change that is hard when you look at things. It’s the physical reality that one has to change that hurts and we struggle with.

Change sucks, or more precisely, it sucks that it sucks.

When I make changes to my health plan, personal success program, relationships, daily routine, and business fundamentals, it sucks that it sucks to change to what I want to be doing, have done successfully, or work to improve.

It sucks that I am not getting up early enough to support my morning routine, and when I start to change that, it sucks that 5:30 am comes so quickly, it’s so cold, I slept poorly or went to bed late, and worst of all, it sucks that I don’t want to do it! 

But it doesn’t suck to get up early and start my day powerfully before most of the world has even had their coffee. That doesn’t suck at all. It rocks!

Does it suck that I have to get back on social media, write new content, repurpose older posts, and reconnect with my online community?… no, actually, it sucks that I stopped and got used to being disconnected. Reconnecting is invigorating!

It sucks to start doing cardio again after a long period of not due to injury or laziness. No, it sucks that I am out of shape and let my physical training slide, and now I have to start at what feels like zero again! No, regularly pushing my body and training changes and improves every aspect of my life! 

It sucks to start my fasting calendar over again and only eat real food. No, it sucks to be controlled by hunger and the havoc that comes from eating without a plan or progression to my hormones. Well-planned and executed fasting rotations change my body and mind and allow me to regain control of myself and experience freedom from hunger.

It sucks to see how my personal relationships don’t get as far as I want them to. No, it sucks to realize that my listening has deteriorated, and my propensity to argue has snuck back up on me. Open and transparent communication is liberating and fulfills me.

So, my friends, change doesn’t suck and isn’t as complicated as we make it. What hurts and where I believe the friction occurs is facing the fact that we are not where we want to be, not doing what we feel we should, and not pursuing what we know we truly want.

Here’s a tip: Speak from what you want to another person where applicable. Do not keep it in your head. 

I did this recently, and once I heard my BS, I had to change to be who I wanted to be so I could do what I needed to do to have what I ultimately wanted to have. It sucked to realize I had to make some changes and show up differently, but making that change is the difference between wishing and working, and work is always worth it. Change doesn’t happen any other way.

If you are stuck and need to change to become what you want rather than settle for where you are, message me, and let’s chat.

We can do better!

Dr. Don