8 major hormonal players work to burn body fat and promote weight loss. They are:

  • Epinephrine
  • Norepinephrine
  • ACTH
  • Glucagon
  • TSH
  • Melanocyte-stimulating Hormone 
  • Vasopressin
  • Growth Hormone

There is ONE hormonal player that promotes/controls the fat accumulation and prevents weight loss:


That point alone should be a serious eye-opener.

Even a mild insulin release will stop our fat-loss mechanisms and tell our entire body to store fat.

Fat can not be stored in our body without insulin. 

The common health and medical focus in diabetes is on blood sugar. Anything that raises blood sugar WILL raise insulin, but as we can see, there is much more at play than just watching carbs.

So, if you ever wondered why you gain fat, it is due to insulin. Insulin even trumps calories…..the calorie in vs. calorie out model is a weak one at best, and if that is all you rely on, you will be part of the over 97% of dieters who fail to lose weight and keep it off with that model.

Back to insulin: 27% of insulin’s stimulation is directly due to carbs like sugar, grains, and simple starches. Protein accounts for 10%. Fat is about 0%.

That leaves 67% of insulin secretion due to OTHER factors. What are those?

  • Stress
  • Hormonal balance (or imbalance)
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Physical Fitness and body constitution
  • Metabolic (energy burning) Efficiency
  • Liver and Pancreatic fat
  • Cellular-toxicity levels
  • Neuro-Endocrine tone (think chiropractic and meditation)
  • Processed food quality and chemicals
  • Environmental chemicals
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity and Exposure

Even cortisol, our very powerful “stress hormone,” which can stimulate insulin and glucose release, can not force the body to store fat alone without circulating glucose and the presence of insulin. But man can stress play a role in every aspect of our health and body.

We have cases of people of all ages and starting points (body weight, physical fitness, and exercise capacity) who have lost 28 lbs in 8 active weeks of working with these mechanisms. And believe it or not, most people eat more calories than when they were heavier and TONS more fat!

There is more to this weight/health issue than meets the eye.

We can do better!

Food for thought!

Dr. Don