An Intro to Overmethylation with Supplements

supplements overmethylation

When the body reaches and maintains a deep fasting state and metabolism, its needs or “requirements” change significantly.

When in the deep fasting state, the body’s recycling system and detox mechanisms go through the roof.

This massive increase in recycling and preservation while fasting uses and reuses anything and everything it can in perfect precision.

Adding well-intentioned extras in the form of supplements can interfere with this healing process while fasting and, in some cases, provoke issues.

Many people use multivitamins and mineral supplements at the same dose while fasting as they did while not fasting in the fed state.

This can overload the system and produce symptoms of fatigue, mental fog, a perceived state of low energy, and even mood changes and negativity.

This happened to me. 

For the first time, I used a multivitamin, methylation supplement, detox, and hormonal support supplements during my extended fast.

I have taught and practiced extended fasting for years now, and this fast felt different. 

On day 11, I started getting very tired in the second half of the day, struggling to maintain my mental focus, seeming to have no energy, and becoming quite pessimistic.

It wasn’t hunger, cravings, or emotional eating triggers that were coming up, but something was definitely off this time.

I decided to narrow the variables and stop the supplements, and within one day, I was back smooth sailing without any of these issues. 

I was overdoing it with supplements, and specifically, I was overmethylating my body. 

I took too many B vitamins and other methyl donors. 

The same types of popular supplements people are taking today for all the genetic variants they believe or have been suggested they have.

It can be too much and happen to people who aren’t fasting. Be careful.

On day 15, I am optimistic, energetic, and back to where I have been at this point in the fast in the many I have done before.

The idea of a daily need for nutrients, vitamins, protein, or other supplements doesn’t apply in the deep, fasted state. They can throw things off.

I trust my body when fasting because it is in 100% control.

The body knows what to do, how, and when, and while fasting, I graciously invite the body to do what it needs, whether I understand it or not. 

This is one of those things.

Back to water and salt for me for now. I know that in time, I won’t even want the salt. Funny how that works.

I will return the supplements to my routine after three days more of fasting to see what happens and report back. 

I hope my insights during this fasting process help provoke you to look at this amazing body and what we do to it a little differently. I know it has mine.

We can do better!

Dr. Don