Noticeable Weight Loss Results Are a Mere 6 Weeks Away

I often hear people complain that the first week of their new year’s diet and exercise routine really sucked!

My answer to this is:

  1. Be happy you even started!
  2. Amazing things are just 6 WEEKS away.

Week 1: This week always hurts, drags, makes us want to stop, and hits below the belt. Any workout feels impossible, your flexibility is virtually non-existent, your legs will feel like they’re made of stone, that new eating plan seems like it was crafted in hell, old injuries will complain as crazy, hunger hormones play will try to trick you into gorging yourself (don’t listen to them!), drinking water is a mission, and food seems bland. In short, this is VERY difficult! You will however feel some satisfaction because you’re DOING SOMETHING and energy starts to rise from day one and so you keep it up.

Week 2: You start to build some stamina, you still get sore, the sweat starts flowing, the hunger is much less and you still manage to eat when you should, food routine appears easier, sleep is better, you have more energy, time to get to see the chiropractor, water is easier to drink….progress, and so you keep it up.

Week 3: You manage to get up on time and feel ready to go. Your workouts are a bit easier to do and you even start to gradually push it, face is thinner, clothes fit differently, people notice something has changed, sex life is picking up, better sleep, less pain, it’s time to get that message (you’ve deserved it), starting some good supplements, eating is becoming routine, you start feeling… “I can really do this!”

Week 4: Workouts are starting to feel like they’re actually fun, up the intensity or extend the time, add in stress relief cardio or a weights day, do some intermittent fasting, change up the eating, do some blenderizing, be more flexible, and not as sore, starting to drop more inches and some pounds, strength is gradually going up…You feel great!

Week 5: You start increasing the weights, pushing harder, and getting stronger, you get upset if you have to miss a workout although you’re sweating like a beast, you need to go shopping for clothes, your eating schedule is on autopilot, and everyone is asking you what you are getting up to. You decide to do a basic rotational fasting program, your recovery time has decreased, less massage, less chiro care, you can’t imagine what it was like not feeling so good – things are looking good!

Week 6: You are up early and cranking, invite others to join in, and look forward to workouts, the light at the end of the tunnel is now a floodlight where it once was merely a pinhole, you love being sore because you know this is due to you pushing it hard, it is fun to PUSH hard in the workouts, eating clean has become second nature and you feel so BAD when you stray that you don’t even consider it, your body is looking well, feeling well, working well, and you inspire your co-workers, friends, and family, your blood pressure and blood tests have improved dramatically, those “normal” aches and pains have almost been forgotten, people are asking you what vitamins they should take…and you can tell them, you are more than ready to map out the new goals for the next three months you would never have even thought about 6 weeks ago – you have become a new person and love every minute of it!

You are getting healthy and strong!

Can you picture it? Feel it? See it? Want it? Good, now DO IT!!!

Let me know if you need help!