Mitochondrial Hormone Interaction

This is a newfound potential mechanism. A new information on Mitochondrial Health of how hormones affect your metabolism, energy levels, aggression, sex drive, mood, and fat burning!

It has only been found in the last 12 years that Mitochondria, the cells that are within our body’s cells, have to have hormone receptors for specific hormones. Cortisol, thyroid hormone, estrogen, and testosterone receptors have all been discovered on our little powerhouse energy makers that are in every cell of our body, and are known as mitochondria. A new research shows a newfound potential mechanism of these cells.

It was previously believed that hormones docked on hormone receptors and then passed through the cell membrane to enter the cell before activating specific genes in our DNA to produce their effects on our body. The cell would then in turn stimulate the mitochondria to step on the gas or slam on the brakes to control our energy levels and metabolism. This new discovery however suggests that a potentially new pathway and action sequence is in fact in play.

Mitochondria have separate DNA from the nucleus of our cells, one that is all their own. We credit the mighty Mito for producing the high yield energy currency that we need to run our body, ATP, but as it turns out, only 3% of our mitochondria’s DNA is actually being used for that purpose. That leaves a whopping 97% open for interpretation. Considering that we hardly understand what our DNA does, I am not expecting that we will figure it all out tomorrow, even though all of our mitochondrial DNA has supposedly been sequenced, or is “known.”

Here’s the kicker. These life-determining little energy producers in our body produce the vital juice we all need to live and survive. 97% of what this bad boy can do or does is relatively unknown. New research shows it has hormone receptors for direct access to the thyroid hormone, testosterone, cortisol, and estrogen for reasons we are only guessing at right now. But the bottom line is that we now know that these hormones have direct access to our mitochondria.

No more thinking that the only way the hormones work is via the cell hierarchy and nuclear DNA direction. We now know they can and do act independently as a major player in our hormonal, metabolic, and life-sustaining ecosystem.

So what does that mean?

We have new pathways of neuro-endocrine-mitochondrial feedback systems to be discovered. This indicates there is another factor that should be considered as we interpret not only hormonal blood tests and hormonal drug replacement, but also when we evaluate clinical symptoms of hormonal dysfunction, fatigue, weight loss resistance, depression, anxiety, mental focus, and much more!

What is the takeaway?

We must question the standard of care for these health issues and we cannot rely on blood tests to evaluate health or healing. We must look at a cellular level and now sub-cellular level as the cause of global body dysfunction, systemic tonal disease, and ultimately medical disease.

We must take a step back and let our ego go, and realize that the new medicine is quickly becoming outdated health concepts. Drugs with their unidirectional focus and inhibitory behavior cannot fix these multi-faceted, dynamic systems.

Only the up-regulation of inter-systematic control, exchange of natural biochemical nutrients, and a provocation of natural stimulatory actions will result in increased overall improved function and promote what we call healing, which will then result in what we call health.

TRANSLATION: We need to improve our eating, physical activity, get adjusted (promote neurological functional integrity), and reduce our daily stress while doing so.

Oh, and we also need to stop poisoning ourselves as we do it.

It means that all those medical unanswered questions have an answer. It means that your weird out-of-the-box health issue is real and that although the medical world may not have an answer, option, or solution for you, one is out there!

Don’t worry, this is what we do.

We have the technology.

We can help you, but you need to want the help, have the desire to get well, and you alone can ultimately provide the action.

Don’t do it, and life will not be all that fun and enjoyable, nor will it be as long as it could be.

Do it however, and there is no limit to the health you can express or achieve, and you can also extend your life in the process.

Basically, you can add years to your life while adding life to your years!

Sound good? It does to me. Contact me today.


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