Metabolic Rate Has ZERO Predictive Value for Weight Gain

What predicts weight gain is sugar burning: the more you burn, the higher the weight gain.

Stop trying to speed up your metabolism and start trying to burn fat for energy if you want to lose weight or prevent age-related weight gain.

Adding fat to your diet to try and burn more fat will not save you from weight gain if sugar is present, and the more sugar you consume, the more predictable your weight gain will be.


Insulin. Insulin determines if you burn or store fat. No organism on the planet can gain fat without elevated insulin levels signaling to do so.

Fortunately, you can dramatically lower your insulin levels and overall exposure by fasting and significantly reducing the hyper-insulin-stimulating foods from your diet between fasts.

Specifically, processed foods made from a powder of any kind, cooked starches, and sugary foods and products.

So, my friends, if you can’t lose or gain unwanted weight, it’s not because of your slow metabolism or getting older.

It’s because you are burning sugar for fuel instead of fat.

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We can do better!

Dr. Don

Study Reference:
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