Is Fasting Simply A Mental Game?

No, fasting is NOT a mental game at all!

Most of the difficulties that appear when people start fasting come from poor health conditions when they get challenged by fasting.

You can judge someone’s health by how well they handle fasting and how long they can comfortably go without food. If they get bad reactions or symptoms when they decide to skip a snack, meal, or even a day of eating, this is a sure indication that underlying health or metabolic issues are going on.

Most of what people experience as hunger and “low blood sugar” is for example really either a detox reaction, or a carb addiction cycle response, or a cross-reaction of hormonal responses. In most people, their hormones are all mixed up and rarely working optimally. This is true even for people that are asymptomatic and are at a normal weight.

Everyone is toxic. The only question is how toxic they are and what type of toxicity they are experiencing. Everyone has insulin resistance and leptin resistance to some degree and most have been through some level of insulin toxicity. Many people have also gone through “traditional” diets with some degree of up and down weight. If any history of hormonal issues is added in, such as thyroid, adrenals, testosterone, estrogen, leptin, etc. and if you consider that most women have been on birth control (hormone) pills, and most men have never optimized their testosterone levels, and you end up with a scenario where potential issues are compounded dramatically.

All of these factors come into play when we stress the metabolic flexibility of fasting. Any single one of these factors, let alone a combination of several ones, can cause challenges that we interpret as hunger, low willpower, or emotional stress while fasting, but that doesn’t mean that this is what it is. With the right plan, a preparation phase, support, and rotating both diet and fasting concepts, just about anyone can get to a point where they can fast at will, easily, with little to no discomfort. They will in fact get to the stage that they actually feel better while doing it.

Although our bodies are programmed to fast and know how to do it, we have simply made it much more difficult for the body to do so via so many health and environmental challenges.

I have now worked with hundreds of people through varying different forms of fasting, all with varying health conditions and fitness levels, and most who have never previously done any type of fasting. Based on this experience, I can comfortably state that the process of fasting can be very easy, and is often much easier than what most people think.

I can also say that most of the mental issues that I see around fasting come from all the “stories”, excuses, and preemptive BS we tell ourselves about how hard it will be, or how we won’t be able to do it.

Give it a shot and take your time. There are many types of different kinds of fasting and not only one way to do it. If you stumble, simply get up, correct your course and try again. It is definitely not an all-or-nothing type of thing.

If you get serious and go for it, you can reap the health and weight loss benefits from the healthiest “diet/cleanse/healing” on the planet that is literally built into your genes to succeeding!

Let me know if I can help!