Insulin Resistance Is A Health/Medical Condition

#1 medical condition

It is a chronic physiological problem that goes way beyond weight gain.

Honestly, it is THE MOST COMMON health condition seen in any doctor’s office, whether they realize it or not.

Fasting Insulin or Serum Insulin is the blood test to check your insulin levels, whereas Insulin Resistance is the condition we are trying to identify.

Your insulin number will correlate closely with insulin resistance but may not tell the whole story, whereas your vitamin D level WILL.

This study clearly states and shows that your vitamin D level is INVERSELY associated with INSULIN RESISTANCE.

If your vitamin D level is low, then you have insulin resistance.

vit d insulin resistance

Could it be that simple? 

Seems it just might.

Is taking vitamin D the answer? 


But that doesn’t mean that taking vitamin D is a bad idea. I don’t think so and would take it at times….and have.

I will post more on how much and what type to take soon, and when and why it is a big part.

The real takeaway is we have to lower our insulin levels AND reverse the CONDITION we call INSULIN RESISTANCE.

We can’t do that by taking a pill, medication, oil, supplement, etc. 

We must change our lifestyle and make special efforts, not random but distinct efforts, to reverse it over time.

If not, the cascade of cardio-metabolic issues will progress.

Here is the progression: 

  • Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Cancer.

The speed at which this process happens differs between people; some jump a step, and everyone will have similar issues like a hormone, weight, digestive, and more.

This can be stopped and reversed. 

Step one is awareness, then willingness, then action!

Keep following, and join my groups, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” and “5-Day Fasting Prep & Planning Crash Course,” for more information.

Amazing stuff!

We can do better, my friends!

Dr. Don