How Do I Know If I Have An Insulin Problem?

Well, statistically, 88% of Americans do. Right now.

Medical standards and testing are to find a disease or problem. 

They do not show healthy ranges. 

So, a number not indicating a problem can not be considered healthy. It just can tell you if it is high or low based on the average results from their labs. 

Remember, the average in the US right now is sick and not what I want to set my standards for.

Waiting until a doctor or a blood test confirms an insulin issue, like on a blood glucose test, A1c, cholesterol panel, or serum insulin, allows this issue to grow over the years if not decades.

80% of the damage done by Type 2 Diabetes occurs while blood sugar is still in the “normal” range.

You can have “NORMAL” blood sugar levels with a significant insulin problem damaging your liver, pancreas, heart, and blood vessels, forming plaque in the brain, and even contributing to cancer development.

You can have the pathology of diabetes (insulin resistance) with an average blood sugar level. Read that again.

We need to identify Insulin Resistance BEFORE our blood tests confirm an issue.

How can we do that?

Check out the list of early signs of Insulin Resistance here.

If you have any of these or suspect you have Insulin Resistance, then there are things you can do TODAY to start improving the issue.

With the right plan, effort, and time you can reverse insulin resistance, you can stop insulin resistance from getting worse, prevent the top killers in the US, and you can return to normal metabolic and hormonal function once again in most cases if identified early or at least before it is too late.

No pill, medication, supplement, powder, lotion, or potion can reverse this issue. 

The only passive action you can take is to get your spine and nervous system checked by a chiropractor. Besides that, it’s up to you.

Many products can support your process improvement, but the regular daily effort and diet changes will do the heavy lifting and allow your body to heal.

This effort is not random or just luck, it is specific, and the best part is it can be done and is done every day.

The solution involves:

  1. Diet….as in WHAT to eat,  WHEN to eat it, and HOW to eat it.

  2. Exercise….metabolic physical activity, exercise, into intensity training.

  3. Continual sleep enhancement.

  4. Building resilience to stress, not managing or avoiding it.

  5. Regular tune-ups to your nervous system balance (chiropractic adjustments)

Can foods, products, and supplements help along the way? 

YES, but they support the plan incorporating the above and do very little alone, if anything.

Are there more home tests and monitoring that can be done? 

YES, absolutely, again, and I will list them out later today in the next post. 

You must first be ready to check them and make a change.

You got this. Awareness is power.

If you need a customized program now write #meet&greet in the comments, message me, and join my group, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets.”

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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