How to get any diet to work again?

Behavior. The “How” you eat, as in the relationship and how we engage with food, is potentially just as important, and for many, more important than “What” is on the plate and “When” you decide to eat or not.

I say any diet to work again because if you have tried changing what you eat to lose weight or improve your health and it worked for you (however you define that), it can again.

We call them plateaus, when something is “working” and then doesn’t for no apparent reason or when we “do all the right things” and still don’t get the results we want or that another is enjoying.

When this happens, we say, “I tried it, and it didn’t work for me.”

That is an alarm saying it’s not what you did but how you did it that didn’t work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did say any diet, as in even counting points or blocks, low fat or carb, and even plant-based or plant-voiding diets, but as you know, I do have an “ideal” eating concept, I call Insulin “Friendly” that I believe is the most inline with our genetic and metabolic systems as human beings. This, along with our lifestyle behavior model makes up “Insulin Friendly Living.”

My point is if a diet or effort ever worked before, it can again, and if that is what you need, something familiar to start, then so be it. When you start “succeeding” again, have some motivation and momentum, and want to take it further for health and life longevity, then Insulin Friendly Living is your next step.

Insulin controls how much fat you use or wear. Insulin is responsible for your metabolism, and Insulin Resistance and over-exposure to Insulin are the foundation for all chronic diseases we know to be built upon.

Insulin Resistance is the primary and most common hormonal disruption in our society and worldwide. Whether your doctor knows it or not.

The 10 Hidden Insulin Magnifiers are game changers as they can magnify your insulin exposure by thousands of percent each day, day in and day out, for decades. Even when your carb or fat count is perfect, you are eating in the perfect window and trying different forms of fasting.

When the 10 Hidden Insulin Magnifiers are understood and reduced (eliminated if possible), it will work for you, all of you, with no exceptions.

Sorry, you are not an exception, and you’re not that unique, and you don’t need to change basic hormonal physiology for your specific situation.

This is the focus of my most recent year’s work and a book I am writing to explain, understand, and apply all you need to navigate what holds you back and “doesn’t work for you” in your diet and health efforts.

Keep following and join my group, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” to get all that I will be posting on all things insulin friendly and learn how I practice behavioral nutrition and the difference it can make for you.

We can do better!