The solution for Type 2 diabetes has been well-known and utilized for over 100 years and, at one time, was the standard of care for preventing and treating Type 2 diabetes.

The low-carb, high-fat, Paleo, Ketogenic approach is not new, even if the names and marketing are. The model is time tested and was well known and utilized for decades over 100 years ago.

These are just 2 very telling pages of a book on type 2 diabetes from 1917 that show the best foods to eat and the ones forbidden in your diet to reverse and keep diabetes away.

diabetic diet

Why did we stop? 

Once Banting and Best invented artificial insulin in 1922, the whole medical and pharmaceutical world jumped on the bandwagon to mass-produce insulin and proclaim the cure for diabetes.

YES, man-made insulin has saved millions of type 1 diabetics. At the same time, this miracle life-saving medication doomed the Type 2 Diabetic to devastating health deterioration and an early death statistically.

I have attended many medical conferences on Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, Cardio-Metabolic Risk, Insulin Resistance, and Obesity. Here at these traditional medical conferences, they teach hundreds to thousands of medical doctors, Diabetes Educators, and other healthcare professionals  in the audiences that Type 2 Diabetes is a “progressive, degenerative disease.” 

They teach that:

  1. There is no cure.

  2. Once started, you can only hope to potentially slow it down.

  3. 1 oral medication leads progressively to 3, then to insulin and forever increasing doses.

  4. Diabetics eventually will develop heart disease. Start them on a statin immediately.

  5. A diabetic’s heart disease is also progressive and leads to 3 additional medications and continual dosage increases, making them the highest risk factor population utilizing stents and angioplasty.

Diet? Only a little taught. If it is even mentioned, they say:

  1. Tell your patient to lose weight. 

  2. Suggest low-fat, low-calorie strategies.

  3. Have them eat 5-7 small meals and snacks.

  4. Tell them they need to exercise more and get more “steps.”

  5. EXPECT non-compliance, then suggest bariatric surgery.

And put them on a medical liquid meal replacement.

I am not making this up. This is the standard of care in conventional medicine.

I’d like to ask you: DO NOT accept this model for you or your family. If you do, there is no escape. They are 100% correct in saying that this model has no hope for improvement and that people will get worse.

In that model.

That is all they have to offer my friends.

In most cases, we knew how to reverse this issue 100 years ago and still do today.

Live an Insulin Friendly Lifestyle utilizing Rotational Fasting, which is hormone balancing and modifies what you eat, when you eat, how you move, how you think, and, most importantly, gives you hope.

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We can do better.

Dr. Don