Fasting is Healthy. Exercising While Fasting is Extremely Healthy.

Fasting is healthy. Exercising while fasting is extremely healthy. Exercising while fasting might be the performance-enhancing drug you’ve been looking for!

Getting over our fears of not eating and breaking the myths of needing to be over-fed to gain muscle can be the most powerful combo for your health and fitness you can do.

Gym lore runs deep in our culture, as does the myth of needing many small meals and snacks all day long to be healthy, lose weight or gain muscle.

Look, if you have never really exercised while fasting or fasted much in general, or you are shifting off of the conventional eating model then YES, you will feel that shift.

BUT, it does not mean it is bad or that is from the fasting directly.

So suck it up, make your plan, set up your measurements to guide your progress, and give it a shot already.

And not just for a day or one workout. If you judge the efficacy from one workout you might as well not start.

That is like someone working out once and saying it is bad for you because it was hard, they were uncomfortable, and they hurt for a couple of days after……obviously a bad thing and not for them, right?

If you approach this correctly and set it all up well then you should have little to no discomfort and might even have a great experience from the first try.

Check out the quotes and references below if you are still not sure.

We can do better!