Are You Giving Your Kid Diabetes?

Kids as young as 5 years old and younger are developing Adult -Onset diabetes (type 2 diabetes) at an ALARMING RATE!

These current (worse now) Diabetes stats have my head spinning…..

Current trend: Diabetes incidence in the USA increases 11.4% every 2 years.

There are no solid figures for pre-diabetes increase, but if one is to assume because they are caused by the same process for the most part, then taking the growth is the same is not crazy talk.

Government and ADA research says when people are identified as pre-diabetic, the course of type 2 is usually on a 10-year projection. (could be as fast as 3 years if you have metabolic syndrome).

Currently, 90 million are pre, and 30 million have diabetes.

The CDC says 30% of the pre-D will develop type 2 in time, ADA says up to 70%, and research in China says 90%.

So, if I take the outliers %’s and average them to 60%, we have a middle ground.

Using 90 million and 30 million above, increasing at 11.4% every 2 years, and with a 60% progression from pre to type 2, here is 

What we see:

  • In 10 years, 75% of all Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes over, doubling the diabetic population.
  • Currently, 50% of all American adults have either today…..but I am talking about 3/4 of every man, woman, and child in 10 years.
  • In 18 years, the number of pre-diabetics and diabetics will grow more significantly than the predicted population of the USA.

What does that mean?

You must be intentionally proactive in your diet and lifestyle to avoid developing this problem.

It does not happen by chance, it is not something you catch, no one gives it to you, and you are not genetically destined to have it.

You must develop it.

Are there many factors that can influence when and if you develop it and how? ……YES.

Are those factors augmentable through diet and lifestyle? YES

But unless your goal (and your actions support it) is to avoid this condition and all that comes with it right now for you and your family, then odds are you will develop it or have already started.

These are conservative government statistics, and I assume the 2-year increase rate from PRE to Type 2 stays the SAME….which it won’t.

From the conservative CDC numbers to the much higher Chinese data, at this rate, we have 7-20 years before 75% of the 

The American population has Pre or Type 2 diabetes, and 15-40 years before the entire country does.

Wanting my kids to grow up healthy and happy took on a new meaning for me. How about you, my friends?

Stop the process NOW and turn your health future around!

The first step….test your blood sugar at home. Be proactive.

Blood Sugar Levels:

  • 86 and lower….healthy 87-100, I call pre-pre diabetes)
  • 87-100 pre-pre diabetes
  • 100-125 medical pre-diabetes
  • 125 + type 2 diabetes

Metabolic Syndrome = any 3:

  • Blood Sugar over 100
  • High blood pressure (+130/85)
  • Triglycerides over 150
  • Low HDL (<40 men / <50 women)
  • Waistline >35″ for women and 40″ for men

Other indicators of Insulin Resistance:

  • Triglycerides over 100
  • Low Vit D (60)
  • Tired after eating
  • Can’t go long without food

You will passively lose your health if you are not actively improving it.

We can do better.

Message me if you’re ready to put YOU first and turn things around.

Dr. Don