Thyroid Risk & Clinical Marker Assessment

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Institute for Functional Medicine
“Clinical Scoring Scales in Thyrology” Kalra, 2016

Thyroid Risk & Clinical Marker Assessment

Pre-Evaluation: Family History & Predisposition Factors Survey. Yes=1, No=0

My family has a history of thyroid disease
I’ve had a thyroid problem
I have an autoimmune disease
A member of my family has an autoimmune disease
I have had radiation treatment to my head, neck, chest, tonsil area, etc.
I grew up, live, or work near a nuclear plant
Women: I have a history of infertility or miscarriage
I have a one of these digestive issues: Irritable Bowel, Gut Dysbiosis, SIBO, Leaky Gut

Thyroid Risk & Clinical Marker Assessment: Please mark each question as Mild, Moderate, or Severe in the indicated space to the right of each question. Mild = 1 point, Moderate = 2 pts, Severe = 3 pts, None=0

Difficulty remembering things
Can’t think of the right word
Making careless mistakes
Heart palpitations
Tired and lack of energy
Feel unusually cold often
Gained weight recently
Aches and pains all over the body
Trouble thinking clearly
Clumsy, bumped into things
Difficulty reading and spelling
Diminished sweating
Dry skin
Cold intolerance
Trouble hearing or hearing changes
Slow movements or reflexes
Coarse skin
Cold skin
Puffiness under the eyes
I feel worse than I did a year ago
Feel the cold more, harder to get warm than before
Appetite is getting worse
Voice has become huskier or weaker over time
I think I am getting fuller in the face
Skin of my arms or legs is getting dry or rough
Hair has become unruly or more difficult to manage
My “normal” body temperature is low (below 98.2°)
Hands and feet are cold to the touch
Low pulse, and/or low blood pressure
Dry and brittle nails that break more easily
Eyes feel gritty, dry, light-sensitive
Diminished sex drive

21+ pts.:
Advanced Thyroid Dysregulation Clinical Markers as observed in both Autoimmune and Non-Autoimmune Hypothyroid Conditions. You may have noticed your blood tests say your cholesterol and triglycerides increased. Your energy level can vary greatly, headaches are common, and your mood is feeling more like depression. You can’t lose weight and doctors don’t offer you many answers. To start feeling better, more like yourself with vibrant energy, restored desire to do basic things and have the mental clarity to get them done your thyroid function needs to improve. This will require an integrated lifestyle program that includes supplemental thyroid support, metabolic exercise (when you’re ready), stress resilience practices, increased sleep quality, and a specific nutrition plan for, “what” you eat, as well as a a plan for “when” to eat using meal timing and modified fasting. It’s important to find a health care professional with experience in this area and especially with fasting. Your provider must be aware of the risks and contraindications associated with thyroid conditions. Insulin resistance is almost universally accompanying chronic thyroid conditions. A good practitioner can help you see significant thyroid improvements and insulin resistance in about one month, and you could recover completely in three to six months. There’s no more time to waste.

16-20 pts:
Moderate Impact & Positive Thyroid Clinical Profile. This means clinical indicators of thyroid risk and potential impairment are present. Early thyroid dysfunction, the most common being “subclinical hypothyroid” or “Mild Thyroid Failure,” is only diagnosed off lab results and usually not identified until advanced problems set in. You may have been “running on fumes” for a while and it has starting to show in your life and quality of life. You know something is not “right.” You are often cold when others are not and may have noticed changes in your hair and nails. Sleep has become challenging; brain fog is common and physical aches are felt more than before. All of this can impact your mood and motivation. You have gained weight or noticed clothes feel tighter, and your usual routine to drop a few pounds isn’t working and might make it worse. You need to make your thyroid and metabolic health a priority, do some research, and work on a plan to restore your healthy thyroid function. Lifestyle modification in your diet, physical activity among others still proves very effective.

10-15 pts.:
Evidence of Thyroid Involvement & Potential Compromise Adrenal Compromise. Your thyroid markers are showing signs of mild compromise. Some people at this point report no significant changes in their health or quality of life even with thyroid compromise. Many others report irregular energy levels, trouble concentrating or “brain fog”, or becoming easily irritated. Exercise stamina is decreased slightly, and unusual changes in digestion are noted. It’s not quite as easy to stay on task and you notice your skin more sensitive than it used to be. This is an excellent time to address this thyroid compromise before it progresses.

0-9 points:
Healthy Thyroid Function! Your score indicates that your Thyroid response is strong and healthy. I know a score like this doesn’t come as a surprise, or by accident. Your overall health regimen is paying off, congratulations. You wake up easily from a good night’s sleep and maintain a positive outlook and vibrant energy throughout the day. You don’t experience overwhelm and your mental clarity is noticeable. You must enjoy clean eating, regular exercise free of discomfort, and incorporate stress resilience practices regularly. I personally invite you to join our community at the Insulin Friendly Lifestyle & Fasting Rotation to share your success story and help others achieve their own.

Thyroid dysfunction robs quality of life. Thyroid function is part of the hormonal trifecta with Insulin & Cortisol & bully other hormones causing: Pre & Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease, Obesity, Weight Loss Resistance, Adrenal Fatigue, Autoimmune Conditions, Low T & Estrogen Imbalance, stopping Ketosis & Autophagy, speeds aging & 90% of cancers. Dr. Don’s Insulin Friendly Lifestyle & Fasting Rotation Program stops the Trifecta, & promotes healing.

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