Many people say ease, relaxed, and carefree.

The opposite of stress is confidence.

Physiologically the stress hormone is cortisol, and the confidence hormone is testosterone.

Stress correlates in our body to fear, powerlessness, protection, cowering, doubt, submission, and themes of this nature.

Confidence correlates to power, authority, success, victory, pride, self-esteem, positivity, and themes of this nature.

It seems culturally acceptable to assume stress is a normal state today. People seem to feel it is ok or normal to be stressed out.

We use that term to describe ourselves and others without hesitation. Every time we do, our body will respond to our command and shift hormonally, neurochemically, and energetically.

There are ways to turn this less desirable body state around and fast.

  • Do not refer to yourself as being stressed, having a lot of stress, or managing stress. It is just a word at the end of the day. You can choose to use it or not. You can choose to identify yourself as in that state or not…I don’t think I should.
  • Change your posture:
  1. Temporarily by opening yourself up, making your body expression more extensive, sitting up straight, shoulders back, head up, throw your hands in the air in a V of victory, and hold that pose and thought for at least 2 minutes.
  2. Change your posture and body mechanics for the long term through proper training, workouts, and structure with chiropractic.
  • Fake it. Your body doesn’t know the difference. For example, when you smile, you release all sorts of feel-good hormones and reactions…..when you fake smile as when you would if you held a pencil longways in your mouth, you get the same responses in your body. So act as if, until you are.

Your mind, as it turns out, controls your body at a fraction of the level your body controls your mind.

The body controls the mind, the mind controls behavior, and behavior stems from life.

Oh….and start teaching and working with your kids on these points TODAY. There is NO time to lose. I know I will be.

If the change is for you this time, and you need a plan, let’s chat.

I just wanted to let you know that there is more to come. We can do better, my friends! 

Stay confident in knowing, “We can do better!”!

Dr. Don

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