Exercise is healthy. We know that.

Clean eating is healthy. We know that.

Sleep is healthy. We know that. 

Would you happen to know why?

They enhance a natural healing state in our body I call the “Repair State.”

Only in this repair state can deep healing occur, it’s the only way we can detoxify, and our body recycles and rebuilds new cells in this state and in this state alone.

What promotes, enhances, and activates this repair state the most?


Exercise, a natural diet, and sleep all promote this repair state and all that comes with it, but fasting is the single most powerful and reliable way to turn up the repair state ever tested. 

These lifestyle behaviors are important but do not, and can not, do what fasting has been shown to do.

You can hack at things all you want and try new mix-ups of your routine and health strategies, but there is no way around that. You must fast if you wish to achieve optimal healing, health expression, and detoxification. 

I am not talking about skipping breakfast and calling it intermittent fasting, taking ketones and claiming to be in ketosis, or stopping your eating from dinner to dinner the next day and saying it’s a full-day fast. I am talking about real, true fasting.  

Fasting is voluntarily abstaining from eating. 

Choosing not to eat for a full day into multiple days. 

So, I am not referring to fasting-mimicking, not pseudo fasting, not a very low-calorie diet (VLCD), not Keto and IF, not juice fasts, not sunrise to sundown fasts. 

No eating for a full day into multiple days together. In many traditional fasting camps (where I trained and studied fasting), a fast is a fast on day 3 that begins consecutively. 

This is not to say that people can’t do those other models of eating, meal timing, meal spacing, or delayed eating strategies, but that is what they are, not fasting.

That’s not saying those other eating concepts will not help people because they will, and people can lose some weight with them for a while, so if that is your goal, they “work.”

The goal of true fasting is for the healing that can occur in the metabolic state in the “Repair State.”

The repair state is determined by one’s hormonal profile, with the lead players being Insulin and Mtor. If those 2 players do not inhibit the desired metabolic repair state, the fasting state will continue. That is the objective.

If you fast for discipline or bragging rights, good for you. Just buy the T-shirt and be done. There are no trophies for fasting. 

These graphics outline what can occur in a person when they correctly start fasting and go through all 4 phases of the complete fasting cycle. If any of the 4 is unsupported, you can not expect all these changes in this timeline.

If you want to start a program to learn nd do fasting effectively, message me and find more info in my Facebook group, “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets.”

We can do better!

Dr. Don


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