Eat Less and Get Fat….

Wait? What did he say?

Yes, you read this correctly…. eat less and get fat.

There is a way to eat less, even up to 500 fewer calories per day, and gain weight… in fat!

You just need to take insulin.

You can improve your diet, as in eating healthier foods, more veggies, whole foods, go paleo, keto, or what have you and as you do LOWER your calorie intake each day and if you take extra insulin at the same time, you will STILL gain weight…..still gain body fat.

AND, exercise won’t stop it, no magic shakes will prevent it, eating 7 times a day or taking any super supplements will not slow it down one bit.

Sound good to you?

NO WAY! No one in their right mind would ever do this…..YET, millions of people do it every single day…..YOU might even be doing it right now….and don’t even know it! It is the high levels of insulin and the overall over-exposure of insulin that causes the fat gain……independent of eating less food, better foods, or exercising. So, although you are not injecting insulin you can be creating what is known as insulin resistance and maintaining a high level of insulin in your system day in and day out.

How do you do this? With what you eat, when you eat, and your overall lifestyle.

Yes, this lifestyle does include exercise or lack of it, sleep or lack of it, quality of what we eat, stress, and much, much more.

Do you want to finally lose weight?

Good news, you can!

AND you don’t have to count calories or even eat less…..just less often and keep to insulin-friendly foods. Many people actually benefit from eating MORE!

AND you don’t have to avoid fat…..again, many would be better off eating more fat!

AND you don’t have to work out for an hour a day…..but yes, you do need to exercise, but not for the fat or caloric burn but the hormonal impact… more can be done in 12-20 minutes of high-intensity workouts than you can do in hours of aerobic style workouts.

AND you don’t have to avoid stress (good luck with that one), we have to become more resilient to it and make it work for us.

AND you don’t have to improve your sleep……wait, that is a lie, YES, you have to improve your sleep…..even if you think you sleep very well.

You will not get healthy by losing weight, you lose weight by getting healthy.

Want different results……think of this whole thing differently and take a different approach.

Stop counting calories and start counting insulin!!!

We can do better!

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