Are Plant-Based Diets Better?

The Standard American Diet has been plant-based for decades. It’s not new.

The American standard of health results from this old concept that keeps getting new popular names and twists as it has somehow changed to become beneficial.

Repackaging and new recipes for the same processed plant materials that the vast majority of society calls food and try and live on have not changed the fierce decline of our health and medical low-standard outcomes. 

If anything, it perpetuates them and will make them worse.

All the worst food products we consume are plant-based or entirely plant made. 

Processed plant material in the form of flour, sugar, or starch all produces hormonal imbalances. 

Any powder, protein powders of all kinds included, and alternative flours made from almonds, coconut, whole grain or not, all produce a hyper, unnatural insulin response in the body. Everybody, every time.

Insulin is the master hormone of the body, deciding when and how we use or store energy.

When insulin speaks, the entire body listens and follows orders, and that can make insulin the ultimate hormonal disrupter and the biggest potential bully on the playground that will terrorize every other hormone in our body. 

When unchecked and respected, insulin dysregulation will cause or contribute to every chronic disease we now face across the board and accelerate our aging process as it does so.

Slapping a trendy term like “plant-based” onto any mediocre diet will not make it “health-based” or promote healing. 

plant-based fad

In most cases, it is a veil that is used to cover the same old poor choices, eating the same junk foods we know are wrong, and often gives someone the false sense of security that this “plant-based” label will save us from the compounding adverse health effects that have been rolling forward for the last 50 years.

And the weak self-determined shield of “plant-based” eating, cooking, or diets will not reverse the years of metabolic damage they created before we had the new name. 

What is even worse and dangerous is the combination of the plant-based powder food-like products with the “plant-based” seed oils used for cooking, in, or eating with them.

Plant powders and plant seed oils are public health enemies numbers one and two, and they are partners in the world’s greatest health crimes against humanity. 

By forcing these unnatural forms and ratios of these “plant-based” seed oils into our bodies, it gives the body no choice but to use those fats in the best way it can as they seep into the very fabric of our organs, tissues, cells, and intracellular metabolic functions like a square peg into a round hole.

Together they create an environment and variable never seen before in the history of the human genome where our diets can be both high in fat from the oils and high in insulin from the powders.

Health is the natural state of an efficient body. 

Poor health and disease arise from an inefficient body and the ongoing damage it creates from using unnatural food-like editable products under the guise of being healthy.

The broad strokes to avoiding the miserable, health-deteriorating fate of the average American here are:

  • No powder-based food products

  • No seed (vegetable) oils

A lot more can and will need to be done if you are already overweight or have any metabolic, autoimmune, or chronic health condition, but there is very little hope for doing more if these basics are not in check. 

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We can do better!

Dr. Don