Why Do We Even Want To Fast

Why Do We Even Want To Fast?

Why fast? What is the point? What exactly is it for?

My simple answer? Growing a new body and recycle damaged cells.

I use a gradual, rotational fasting over-lay with all my programs to grow new body cells and eliminate faulty or poorly functioning tissue cells.

When we fast, and there is no food coming in, the body will start to go into house cleaning mode. The immune system will scour the body for damaged, struggling, or aberrant growth cells, and when found the body essentially breaks them down to rebuild and fuel the body.

This process is called autophagy. When there is no food the organs and muscles of the body actually signal the immune system and open the door to give access to these cells that need recycling. It is a massively dynamic process that is hard wired into every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.

Cleaning house triggers the opportunity of new cell growth. As the immune system breaks down these damaged cells it also cranks up the production of new, baby, undifferentiated cells called stem cells that are sent to different parts of the body to form brand new cells.

The highest performing organs like the brain, liver, heart, and kidneys grow the most new cells. We now know that organs like the brain and heart where cells do not replicate once mature, can actually grow new cells and connections through this process. HUGE!

This is how we slow the aging process. This is how we truly heal and maintain or restore health.

This process needs a very specific environment and situation to occur. Just skipping a meal here and there or even fasting a few days now and then won't do the trick.

We need new cells and tissues to build new pathways and mechanism in our bodies to replace the old, damaged, or diseased ones. An example is restoring cell mass in the pancreas to improve the insulin response in pre-diabetes, diabetes and insulin resistance.......so test your fasting blood sugar!

Another example is growing new brain cells and connections to maintain clarity of mind, improve memory, and potentially prevent Alzheimer's and other dementia.

The biggest example it to kill cancer cells when they are just starting and never let them form a tumor or do harm. In the text book, "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease," the author states that one 7-10 day water fast per year can eliminate 99% of cancers from starting.

The magic is not just in completing a fast but building the pathways and mechanisms involved in fasting. We want this new cell building ability to be strong and it takes training, a plan, time, and continual course correcting to do so. It is a lifestyle. But it can be done.

Stop fearing the fast and learn to harness it to your health and healing will my friends!

The fast mechanisms can be enhanced and even directed, don't overlook this powerful tool.

When you are ready to try fasting contact me, I will buy dinner!
Dr. Don

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