We Don't Feast Too Much, We Famine Too Little

We Don’t Feast Too Much, We Famine Too Little

Feast and Famine.

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-diabetes, Cardio-metabolic syndrome, obesity, Alzheimer's......

It is not that we feast too much, it is that we famine too little.

Our body is not designed for continuous food intake, plain and simple. Especially not 3 meals a day with 3-4 snacks in-between.

Believe it or not, but eating all day, every day, as most people do now is driving disease and causing us to age faster than we should.

Without breaks from eating hormones and organs burn out, our liver gets clogged up, and our energy drops as our body breaks down.

The truth be told, we don't eat too much we eat too often.

If we ditch sugar and grains and give ourselves breaks in between meals and some eating days off we would see a dramatic drop in all preventable chronic diseases, every, single, one of them across the board.

Add in some exercise, like lifting heavy weights, and build some stress resilience, like paced breathing, and you can actually get through this life experience free from chronic disease.

Our body, our metabolic system, NEEDS famine. It needs fasting to reset and work properly. It is part of the human experience and there is no way around it. It is a must to include some sort of fasting or rotational fasting concept in any healthy lifestyle.

The evidence is clear, the results undeniable. Nothing to lose but pain and disease.

Give it a shot!

We can do better.
Dr. Don

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