Lesson 08: WEEK 4. Rotational Eating Plans

Welcome back!

I am so glad you are here and sticking to the plan, great job!

I want you to follow the program as designed and as you progress and finish the program you can start to shift your eating window starting it early one day and later another.

For example, I have 3 days a week where I start my window later and skip breakfast. The other 4 I start earlier and include breakfast.

When you read the readings for this week you will see the list of "Fasting Modifiers." There are many listed and some will conflict. That's where the concept of shifting your eating window can help you use 2 apparently conflicting modifiers in a rotation and get benefits of both.

In the advanced work, we do similar modifications around other seemingly conflicting fasting magnifiers for exercise, meal frequency, stress relief cardio, and more.

One step at a time. The basics in this course and then moving to the eating window shifting will get you far and can keep you progressing for weeks if not months to come. Don't rush or skip ahead, you will be skipping out on the potential greater benefits if you do.

Enjoy the readings and video lessons. You are making some real progress. Even if you don't think the basics are as challenging as you would like, you are progressing in discipline and healing by doing this.

See you on the inside!

Dr. Don

Creating Variables, thinking weekly, and acting daily.

Weekly Eating Window Shifting Example Calendar Below.

Action Steps:

  1. Eat 3 meals a day on Feast Days, NO snacking
  2. Update your goal list
  3. Keep measuring
  4. Journal every day
  5. No processed foods from powder
  6. Skip breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday (2 non-consecutive days)
  7. Skip Breakfast on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  8. Study the widow shifting calendar

Reading: https://insulinfriendlyliving.com/calories-or-insulin/

Reading: Click Here To Read "Autophagy Magnifiers"

Module Video Lesson

BONUS Video Lesson

Here is an example of ways to shift your 8-hour eating windows throughout the week to maintain the variable and maximize your fasting magnifiers and rescue metabolic risk.

  1. Define where you are starting from.
    Green = Beginner
    Yellow = Intermediate
    Red = Advanced

  2. Set up your window options. The example is set up using an 8-hour window.

  3. Set your window time ranges: 7-3 pm, 10-6 pm, 12-8 pm, etc.

  4. Plot out the days you can do each time set with one starting earlier and one later in the day.

Then map out the next 2 weeks to start. Once you have tried the concept and times you can set your calendar up for as long as desired.

This is only to be used as a strategy once you have gone through the 6 weeks as described in this course. Jumping ahead will not be beneficial.

For maximal adaptation and comfort through the process, the cadence of the weeks is designed to calm the hormonal chatter between insulin and our stress response hormone, cortisol. That takes some soothing and time. In 6 weeks at this cadence, they will start playing nicely together and hunger pangs, cravings, and emotional eating will be dramatically less if not gone in 6 weeks.

You are doing great and right where you need to be!