Lesson 07: WEEK 3. Intermittent Fasting

Welcome to week 3!

You are a solid 3 weeks into the program and by now you are picking up steam and probably a little anxious to start doing more!

I get it, but don't worry, this week we are taking another step down the road to fasting freedom!

You probably won't believe this, almost no one ever does, but I will tell you anyway. When people do the work consistently over time, practicing all the "when" and "what" you eat protocols that we have laid out, they get to a point where they prefer not eating to eating.

Did you read that?

These are the same people that maybe just like you, felt there is no way they could ever do any real fasting. No way they could not eat for days on end. Just isn't possible for them, not going to happen.

Then, just a couple months later or so, they are doing what they thought was impossible before. They are not only fasting extended periods but they are doing it more comfortably and naturally than they ever thought possible.

They are not getting "hangry" as they had in the past, their family is still talking to them, and they are not sweating through the hours until the next meal.

In fact, they get to such a point of metabolic flexibility that they feel better in a fasted state than they do when eating!

I often have to have the conversation of, "yes, I know, it is normal, but you do have to eat sometimes..."

Can you believe that? It's true and I have any number of clients and alumni to tell the tale.

That's fasting freedom.

That's freedom from the binds of food addiction and emotional eating.

That's freedom from the social pressures surrounding food and etiquette.

That's a level of personal freedom and confidence in themselves that very little in life can offer. Freedom over food.

This can happen for you too, and I sincerely hope it does. You will know a new freedom and security in your body and mind that you can do this now and in the future. I want this for you. I want this for anyone who wants to do what it takes to earn that freedom.

This can be the case for you and I have no reason to think that it won't if you double down on yourself and stick to the program.

For many people skipping breakfast will seem like easy stuff, no big deal, been there done that. Then I say to you, do it again. Follow the directions and do it this time with the 3 meal a day cadence on the other days.

It is easy to adapt to skipping breakfast every day. Your body will get used to that without you having to do much. That's the point.

By removing the intermittent part from intermittent fasting you will be doing what the "Yo-Yo" dieting has done to tens of millions of people over the last 50 years following the daily low calorie, low fat, multiple meals and snack diets dominated by the health and fitness industry and recommended by every government agency.

You will be doing eventual harm to your metabolism and making the situation worse. We know this is true, we have the data over decades with tens of millions of people that did just that. Don't follow suit in this new model of skipping breakfast and calling it fasting. Don't.

Well, that's enough out of me. Time to get to the rest of your assignment.

Please read the posts in the links I provided below. Oh, and the bonus video, it's just 2 minutes.

Thank you and make this great!

Dr. Don

Action Steps:

  1. Eat 3 meals a day on Feast Days, NO snacking
  2. Update your goal list
  3. Keep measuring
  4. Journal every day
  5. No processed foods from powder
  6. Skip breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday (two non-consecutive days)
  7. No more added sugar

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