Lesson 06: WEEK 2. Meal Spacing

Hey! You're back!

So glad to see you!

Check out your readings and action steps below for this module.

I won't keep you from the assignments any longer, have a good week.

Dr. Don

Action Steps:

  1. Eat 3 Meals a Day with NO Snacking before, in between, or after Meals.
  2. Fill out your Goal Sheet and update it frequently as you progress in this process.
  3. Take any measurements you want to and track along the way.
  4. Start journaling your experience.
  5. Cut out all processed foods made from powder. (flour, protein, batters)

Reading: Click Here To Read "We Don't Feast Too Much, We Famine Too Little"

Reading: Click Here To Read "Functional Biofasting"

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