Lesson 05: MEAL TIMING

The focus of this module is on meal timing and frequency.

The action step for the week is to start eating 3 meals a day with no snacking before, in-between, or after your 3 meals for the day.

You may have already been skipping breakfast most of the time and be tempted to not apply this lesson this week. That would be a mistake.

I will explain more in the video after you finish this module's readings.

I suggest you start to record all the measurements you are comfortable taking.

I have included a PDF of the Insulin Friendly Living PREP Tracking Kit that you can use to track the following:

Body Measurements

Water Intake
Biomarkers (lab and home tests)
Two Ways of Tracking Meals/Plans
Shopping List
Goals & Progress
Personal Journal Notes
Please use the trackers in any way that you see fit, just make sure you track!

Simple home measurements like:

Waist Circumference
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar

If you have a blood test that is with a year old you might want to take them out and check them with the list of numbers in the tracking document to follow.

I also strongly suggest that you take some photos of yourself.

You never have to show anyone, but you will be very glad to have them in a couple months following this program.

I have included a basic journal that can help you with this if you are interested because the number one thing I am repeatedly told by the alumni who check in after completing the program is that they wish that they documented more.

Alumni would give anything to have a pre and post-picture set, the measurements, and wish that they kept more in their journals to document the emotional change that took place.

You have been warned! Document everything!

Ok, now you are rolling! Keep at it!

Dr. Don

Action Steps:

  1. Eat just 3 meals a day, no snacking.
  2. Fill out your 3-page goal sheet and update it every couple of days.
  3. Take all the measurements you are comfortable with taking.

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