Lesson 04: But What Will I Eat?

Don't worry! There is plenty to choose from and nothing is 100% off-limits forever.

This is a lifestyle program, and the life in that lifestyle is yours, not mine. It's not some book author or some guru's life. It's yours!

And there is no book on you! So the changes you will make and the principles you will learn will need to make sense to you and work for you in your life and the life of your families.

That's why I won't tell you what to eat, I will teach you how to eat, and then you can choose the "what," based on your wants, desires, needs, and goals.

Each Insulin Friendly Living plan is different. Even if just a little they are different because each of us is different. Yours will be too and soon you will know exactly how to set it up for this program and for as long as you choose.

This "Handy Portion Guide" is how we balance our plates at meals we measure our potions according to our needs.

Two handfuls of green veggies, one to one and a half palms worth of protein, and two thumbs of fat.

You will never leave your house again without your personal, custom portion measuring tools.

You are on your way, enjoy the process.

Dr. Don

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