Why Do So Many People In My Family Have Weight And Blood Sugar Issues

If Insulin Resistance Is Not Genetic, Then Why Do So Many People In My Family Have Weight And Blood Sugar Issues

What is the number one reason our life expectancy is going down further and further with each generation?

Insulin issues.

Call it Insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-diabetes, Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer's (type 3 Diabetes), Obesity, Heart Disease, or any combination of these and more.....they all have Insulin as the driver.

For example:

If diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes at 40 years old a man will lose 12 years from his lifespan or 15.7%, and a woman will lose 14 or 17.2% of their life.

If diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes before 10 years old girls will loose 18 years of life and boys 14 years, and if diagnosed at 26-30 people lose 10 years.

Obesity lowers life expectancy up to 14 years.

And the list goes on.....and on.

AND the numbers are going up as we see type 2 diabetes hit kids younger and more aggressively......EVEN under "OPTIMAL medical treatment."

Whoa???? Even while being treated medically, as in oral medications through insulin and keeping blood sugar in optimal levels.....kids are still getting worse?


Considering that both type 1 and 2 as well as childhood progression of diabetes STILL reduces one's lifespan AND reduces quality of life along the way.....the question becomes, is it the blood sugar issue or the treatment doing this?

I think it is the attempt to reduce blood sugar vs. remove the insulin dysfunction that causes it.

How much more evidence do we need to change our narrative about this and our approach to solving it?

How do you avoid this for you or your kids?

Live as if you have it now!

Create an insulin friendly lifestyle and diet.

We can do better, but we have to start now!

Feel free to search back here on my wall for more specifics on how to do this and keep following for more to come!

Be well my friends,
Dr. Don

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