I Have Normal Blood Sugar

I Have Normal Blood Sugar

You may have diabetes with normal blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is not a blood sugar problem.

If we ever hope to evade this growing epidemic or reverse the process once started we need to understand what is going on here.

Diabetics eventually develop blood sugar problems, but diabetes is not a blood sugar problem, it is an insulin problem.

Insulin is a major metabolic hormone making diabetes a hormone problem.

Well before this hormone problem gets to the point that it effects our blood sugar levels and eventually damages the pancreas, we develop a process called insulin resistance.

A pioneering diabetes doctor named Dr. Kraft tested and followed over 16,000 patients for over 20 years to see if he could see a predictive pattern in who develops diabetes and who does not.

And guess what, he did!

As it turns out insulin resistance shows up years before diabetes. He identified very specific patterns in a person's insulin response that predicted the eventual development of diabetes.....and here is the kicker:

They predicted diabetes even when fasting blood sugar and a glucose tolerance test was NORMAL!!!!!!!

Insulin resistance can be detected years if not decades before the blood sugar hits a diabetic range, making the diabetes diagnosis a late onset detection of advanced insulin resistance.

Diabetes is what we call insulin resistance with high blood sugar, but it is still insulin resistance. What we call diabetes is the symptom, and effect, not the problem.

Believe it or not, heart disease is also a symptom of insulin resistance, usually showing up after the diabetes diagnosis.

Time to rethink how we look at this issue, and time to do it now.

We can do better my friends.
Dr. Don

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