I Don't Need To Lose Weight

I Don’t Need To Lose Weight, I’m Good

Being overweight does not equate to being unhealthy.

The International Atherosclerosis Project found no association between body weight and heart disease.

The 7 Countries Study, one of the broadest studies ever conducted that started in the 50's, concluded that body weight is unrelated to death rate (morbidity). AND the thinnest people died sooner, not the fattest.

The Cooper Clinic in Dallas has studied over 25,000 people over a 20 year period and found that thin people who were unfit died TWICE as often as OBESE people who were fit.

The biggest health, longevity, and quality of life factor are metabolic health and fitness......not weight.

In a presentation at the Cardiometabolic Risk Summit earlier this year they showed that more NORMAL weight people have metabolic syndrome (think pre-diabetes, pre-heart disease, pre-stroke, pre-dementia) than obese people.

The scale and the mirror has less to do with your health than your basic blood tests and physical fitness.

BUT, if you are fat, metabolically sick, and unfit......YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!

There are many ways to reverse this negative health situation. AND it can reverse and improve well before your extra weight comes off....don't equate the two, they ARE NOT THE SAME.

Sounds complicated?.....yeah, I get that.....but we can help. Make a plan, STICK to the plan, and measure along the way.

Don't guess, test. Don't hope, know. Don't doubt, aspire.

You CAN navigate this. Don't listen to the media and status quo, they will make you sick.

We can do better!
Dr. Don

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