Healing Chronic Conditions

Healing Chronic Conditions

Healing Chronic Conditions

Regaining one's health, and healing a chronic issue is like opening a combination lock. There are 3 steps, just as my daughter learned this year as she started middle school.

  1. You must have the combination, they are all different and they don't come with our lockers, unfortunately.
  2. You must know how to use the device, the simple right, left, right, passing twice then once can be daunting for a new user.
  3. You have to take the action of doing it, knowing the combo and understanding how to use the lock means nothing if you don't reach out and give the wheel a spin.

In health, we have to search for the factors that are influencing our health for the negative: stress, toxins, chemical exposure, EMF, dental metals, environmental triggers, genetic susceptibility, medications, diet, exercise, old injuries, emotions, bad habits and more. When we identify what we can, we then need to work to eliminate that source of irritation to our system, at least that is the goal.

When to approach each, setting priorities, goals and a plan is the combination that will differ for each person. That is where advanced testing might play a role, out-of-the-box lab tests, imaging, thermography, and when we use in-depth health history reviews and questionnaires, like an interview process or some detective work of sorts.

Then we need to know how to address each issue, be it diet, supplements, detox, chelation, adjustments, exercise, stretching, getting metal out of our mouth, cleaning our environment, switching to healthy habits and products in our life, and so on.

We have to set a timeline with goals and review our progress and setbacks. Next, we have to take action and apply what we have learned and outlined. That is the hardest part, your natural health care practitioner can do most of the parts one and two, but most of three is up to you. We provide answers to questions, direction, support, research, specific services and help you with accountability but it is the individual who needs to make the changes and efforts.

When we get this combination right amazing things to happen. The door to our genetic potential for healing and vitality opens and people start to heal and usually can feel a change almost immediately. As we continue to apply our plan the improvements get more profound and far-reaching in our health and lives. Some cases are definitely more difficult than others. Some do not get well, at least not right now.

Some get well very fast and "apparently" easily. All can improve. The most common indicator of the result is your level of commitment and follow-through. It takes time, years in some cases, but people usually know they are on the right track rather quickly. No two cases and programs are the same. Using medication to open this lock is like trying to open a combination lock with a key, very conventional but it simply does not work that way and will only frustrate you as the door remains shut and locked.

The reason people don't understand how this is done is that they are still looking for a "treatment" to cure them, that key, a pill, powder, or elixir that will take the pain away and give them their life back. I think we all know, you more than I, that this does not exist.

Healing is a process, it needs time, it needs change, it needs a plan, and it needs guidance. This is how we help people get through and over chronic health issues, like fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, diabetes, inflammatory issues, thyroid, auto-immune and more. This is how we can help a healthy person express better health and prevent issues as well.

You can start the process yourself, you don't need us at all, read our posts, learn the distinctions in what people say, take the steps you are comfortable taking and just start. Start with drinking more water, walking more, cutting out this or that, and go forth at the pace you feel right, seek help when needed, we will be there, and make it a goal to keep reviewing things and making positive changes. It is the smallest step that compounds the biggest journey. If you need to stay on your meds, then do, it is not one or the other, you have to live with the pain, no one else, and I am sure you will know when you don't need them anymore, that is not my call and no judgment there.

Just know what their role is, that is fair, that they don't heal or cure but can help you to feel better to take the action that I am talking about. But with no action, you will get no improvement.

Please do not be offended by the thought of getting well, believe it or not, some people do, especially when they believe they have tried it all, been told their condition is incurable. Our reference to it is not to offend, but to give hope and encouragement, to motivate people to keep going, try new things and not give up. Knowing that you can heal, that your body genetically wants to be well, and will move in that direction when given what it needs is liberating. Or at least it is meant to be.

This is my hope for you and everyone dealing with chronic health issues today. Some people are not ready for it. Others are and have been waiting for it.

We are ready to help when you are.

We can do better!
Dr. Don

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