Free Lifestyle Gifts!

Free Lifestyle Gifts Against Insulin Resistance

Take Action against Insulin Resistance.

But, what can I do about it?!?!?!?

Once we understand this is a HUGE issue in our personal health and health care system, we start to realize that we might be affected by it RIGHT NOW, or maybe my kids.

Then the next question is how can I fix this?

This picture represents the nuts and bolts of my Insulin Resistance program.

It is a road map, a concept model, and an overview of what I include with the people I work with.

All the details and specifics of the program will not be the same for each person, and a full review of each case is needed. We have to consider each individual’s current situation, as well as their health and diet history, is needed in order to put these pieces in the right order.

Support concepts like home monitoring and specific eating models (Keto, Paleo, Zone, Vegetarian, etc.) and potential supplemental support are can all incorporated based on need and desire in a case-by-case manner.

I have written in detail about each and every point on this slide. The info is out there.

I give you this overview because it is important that people fully understand that it takes an intentional effort and changes in our lifestyle to reverse this issue of Insulin Resistance.

Lifestyle is not a diet or fad workout. It is not a mantra or juice, pill, powder, or potion. AND it is not “ONE THING” that is done the same way forever.

Lifestyle is an evolving, ever-changing concept that ebbs and flows as you and your life do. It changes as you get healthier, lose weight, and get stronger both physically and mentally.

It might sound like a lot……but understand you have a lifestyle now that includes all of this….whether you realize it or not and whether that lifestyle is a healthy one is another question. We all need a sounding board to know if we are doing what we need to be, correctly or not.

Don’t get overwhelmed, but rather inspired.

Take some time, design your plan, and go at it! This is why I do 6-month programs not 6-week plans!

Know more by joining my Facebook Group, Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets, and let's work together to reverse insulin resistance. 

We can do better my friends!
Dr. Don

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