Do You Have A Hard Time Giving Up Sweets

Do You Have A Hard Time Giving Up Sweets? Chocolate? Candy?

Why Snickers satisfies.....and it is not because you are hungry.

There are two main reasons people feel rather instant relief after eating some processed foods or sweets.

  1. There is a brain stimulation of Dopamine from the sugar, the pleasure neurotransmitter. The same one stimulated in drug abuse, alcohol, gambling, and sex. The same one that fuels our addiction cycle.
  2. There is a release of serotonin in the body. Insulin is stored in islet cells in your pancreas, so is serotonin that is made by your gut, which is 95% of the serotonin made in your body, and when insulin is released, so is serotonin and it gives you a feeling of relaxation, serotonin if your feel-good neurotransmitter.

There is no such thing as acute hunger. Hunger is hormonal and does not set off strong sensations when you simply skip a meal or go too long in between meals. If you do feel "hangry," irritable, shaky, headaches, or have brain fog, that is not hunger, even if you have trained yourself to think it is. That is your addiction cycle withdrawal from the sugar/carbs and the serotonin. OR it is a detox reaction, which means you are quite toxic.

Either way, it is not a normal feeling, not a healthy one, and should be seen as a wake-up sign to get things on track. Oh, and never a "need" for a darn Snickers or any other junk food, soda, or juice!

Changing from a chronic sugar burner to an efficient adaptive fat burner CHANGES your metabolism for the better. It literally gives you a different set of rules, expectations, and outcomes from your diet, health, and exercise.

Sugar burning fuels disease, aging, and holds your exercise training and life energy back. NOT WORTH IT.

We can do better!
Dr. Don

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