Autophagy Magnifiers

Autophagy Magnifiers

Autophagy Magnifiers
Part 14

You now know more about autophagy than 99% of the people around you, congratulations for getting this far!

Autophagy is a natural process in the body that is continually happening, the question is just how efficiently. Fasting promotes the strongest level of efficiency in autophagy studied to date. There are other behaviors that also increase the efficiency as well, and when combined with fasting directly or with a close proximity fasting rotation the results can magnify greatly.

The optimal state for the body in order to maximize the efficiency of autophagy is achieved by maintaining low insulin and mTOR exposure for extended amounts of time. Lifestyle efforts that also impact the insulin exposure by either improving insulin sensitivity, or by producing a low insulin response. When these efforts are done before, during or after a fast they will enhance the fasting effect and efficiency of autophagy. The lifestyle efforts can produce a synergistic effect on autophagy directly or as a net result magnifying the metabolic health benefits of each.

The following is a list of the “Metabolic Health Magnifiers” that come from well orchestrated Insulin Friendly Living:

Tune ups for the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Chiropractic Adjustments)

Specific Meal Timing

Meal Spacing

Time Restricted Eating Windows

Rotational Eating Schedules

Alternate Day Eating Variation

Intermittent Fasting

Sleep Enhancement

Stress Resilience Practices

Stress Relief Cardio

Full Day Fasts including all 5 phases of the complete fasting cycle

Extended Fasts

Fasting Rotation Calendars over 6-12 months

Intermittent Fasting combined with Partial Day Mini-Fasts

Insulin Friendly Eating (Keto, Paleo, and whole food Vegetarian)

Self Limiting Supplementation

Each of these Insulin Friendly Living lifestyle modifications have been shown independently to improve insulin sensitivity, result in lower cortisol levels, promote Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

The result of introducing any of these modifiers also have been shown to decrease hunger and the hormone ghrelin, increase leptin the satiation hormone, promote clearer thinking and memory via increased Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, and promote a healthy body composition and aid in body fat loss as well as reduce visceral and organ fat (fatty liver & pancreas).

The cumulative health benefits increase exponentially with each one you utilize in your metabolic health lifestyle efforts. In fact they are so powerful when practiced together that the positive metabolic impact can be detected for hours and in some cases 1 to 2 days after they finish.

Many of you may be thinking there is no way that you could include all of these and plan out multiple fasts at the same time. Yes, it does take coordination and effort to create an optimal plan including all of these magnifiers and your fasting rotation calendar, absolutely.

In my 6-month Advanced Metabolic Health program we do just that. It can be done.

It doesn’t happen by accident, and it isn’t random. I have used a combination of these lifestyle modifications in multiple different programs.

When you learn more you can do more.

We can do better!
Dr. Don

Calories Or Insulin

Calories Or Insulin?

Insulin makes you fat. Period. NOT calories.

If you need proof, just search the web for pictures of untreated type one diabetics. They are dangerously thin, with no fat.

Why? Because type one diabetics do not make, or make very little, insulin. They can eat, eat as much as they want, what they want, and they will not gain fat and still lose fat.

On the other hand, I can make anyone get fat, and fast. All you have to do it give them......yup, insulin. Type one diabetics and type 2's that end up on insulin know that if they get that dosage wrong....bam! They get fat, and fast.....independent of what they eat.

Before type 2's go on insulin they are insulin resistant and will produce more and more to "regular" foods.....and what is highly correlated with type 2 diabetes? Weight gain and obesity. Why? Insulin.

Now for the rest of us.

If you eat a very low insulin producing diet, you can't gain fat, even if you over eat, a lot.

3,500 calories is the amount supposedly in one lb of fat, and at the end of the week eating 1,000 cal of excess low insulin producing food you won't gain 2 lbs,, you might even lose weight if you had excess body fat to burn, IF you keep it insulin friendly.

They have researched and tested the calories in vs. calories out for decades, hundreds if not thousands of times and it has NEVER, not once, produced the predictable, repeatable fat gain....or loss when on a diet, that the calorie theory says will happen.

It doesn't work that way, pure and simple.

Now, anyone who has gone on a traditional low calorie diet knows that you can lose some first, and then at some point, even though you are eating less calories than you "need" you stop losing weight. In time, even as you restrict eating further, you still do not lose weight and you might even start to gain some.


I have worked with many thousands of people through that miserable process and I have read the thousands of pages of research using this model and probably 100 books. I have learned why this is a flawed model and found a better one.

I call this process the diet of "Reduction vs. Elimination."

This is the well documented path of the Energy Balance Theory of weight loss and obesity.

AND it is flawed if not completely wrong.

AND it is the single most used and recommended weight reduction process in the world. It is what your government suggests, your weight loss groups, and your doctor tells you.

As people use this model our populations are getting fatter and DOES NOT WORK!

There is a better way. It is called the Hormonal Theory of Weight Loss and Obesity.

Insulin is a hormone. It is the key hormone in weight issues, and as it turns out, it is key in chronic health issues as well.

What can I do?

1. Stop looking at weight as a calorie issue.

2. Eat a low insulin producing diet

3. Get metabolically flexible (glycogen) that means exercise

4. Manage your stress and build resiliency to it.

5. Mind your neurological tone (very important)

This is a life changer my friends. Keep an eye out, more to come.

We can do better!
Dr. Don

The Dark Side Of Intermittent Fasting

The Dark Side Of Intermittent Fasting

Part 11 of the “Fasting & Autophagy” series.

Maybe skipping breakfast and calling it “fasting” is really only to justify a bad habit.

There’s a lot of data and well-structured research in large populations from around the world indicating certain lifestyle behaviors dramatically raise the incidence of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and insulin resistance.

1. Skipping breakfast

2. Eating later in the day and into the evening

3. Eating multiple meals and snacks

4. Eating throughout the entire day

5. Eating large meals late in the day or before bed

Now take a typical intermittent fasting schedule:

A person skips breakfast and eats at 12 noon. (#1)

Eats 30-40% of their food after 6 pm (# 2 & 5)

Eats freely, staying in their “window” (#3 & 4)

You might think I was inventing a scenario for the worst eating schedule going 5 for 5.

Why do these 5 particular eating habits hurt our cardio-metabolic health so much?

Circadian rhythms.

Our DNA responds to changes in the environment and is one of the biggest influences in our day and night bio clock. Many people believe their biorhythms and circadian clock determine their energy, wakefulness, sleep, and urges to eat. As it turns out we program our circadian clock by what and more importantly in this case, when we eat.

Let’s take a look:

#1. Eating upon rising, along with light sensed in our eyes, tells our body it’s daytime activating certain metabolic/hormonal reactions. Delaying eating, even just a few hours, shifts our wake-up biology negatively.

#2. When we stop eating tells our body it’s night time stimulating the cascade of metabolic changes preparing us to go to sleep. Eating later in the day/night with the lights on, we tell the body it’s still daytime delaying sleep metabolism interfering with sleep cycles, increasing ghrelin our hunger hormone, causing overeating the next day.

#3. Eating multiple meals and snacks maintains our fed state blocking repair, detox, and allowing fat and scar tissue accumulation in organs and systems causing metabolic dysfunction and slows healing.

#4. 90% of people eat over 12 hours with 50% eating from when they wake up to bedtime in a 15-hour eating span. Similar to #3 keeping them in a chronic fed state.

#5. Our morning metabolic state is primed for eating, decreasing over time. Night digestion is less efficient with the strongest insulin response of the day, worst glucose response, and interfering with sleep cycle hormones.

One night of sleep disturbance can lower our metabolism by 6% and negatively shift our metabolic health markers. Combined with any of these issues above compounds negative cardiometabolic effects making it harder to sleep the next night. Not only will this make us hungrier, eat more, but it also drives up junk food consumption the next day.

It doesn’t take long for these lifestyle habits to hijack our metabolism. Instructing our body that our days, nights, and energy cycles are upside down leads us to gain weight, develop insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic fatigue.

Up to 75% of adults have insulin resistance right now and 100% of adults show signs of it at some point in their adult life, making Insulin Resistance the number one health problem in the U.S. whether your doctor knows it or not.

We need to be our own guardians of our health and quality of life. Insurance companies, the government, and the medical system are all at least 23 years behind.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” Mary Kay

We can do better.

I won’t leave you hanging and will show you how to do this thing right in the next few posts.

Dr. Don

Intermittent Fasting Is Not Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Is Not Fasting

"Intermittent Fasting" is NOT FASTING.

The 16:8 "not eating to eating windows," are NOT FASTING.

I think it is a great "Meal Timing" technique to build up to fasting and yes, has shown very positive benefits independently.

The reason is mainly that most Americans are grazing all day long. That is a problem. By NOT DOING this you see improvement almost immediately. Even if people don't eat in a 16:8 window, if they just STOP SNACKING they will usually see a benefit quickly, even start losing weight.....

WHY? Because they stopped GRAZING!

The first step to detox is to stop re-toxing. The first step to sobriety is to stop drinking/using.

We don't scream from the mountain top the new way of life called sobriety! No, because to get there we need to stop the insult of drinking and using and live a healthy life.

The same parallel here. We don't need to call 3 meals a day or Intermittent Fasting (16:8 eating window) this new way of eating, but rather a return to the way we should have been eating all the time.

Like when they say a certain breakfast oats-based cereal has been shown to reduce cholesterol along with exercise...... MANY things will reduce cholesterol in someone with HIGH cholesterol......when you pair it with exercise because it's the exercise doing the heavy lifting and when the cereal is replacing a sugar bowl cereal, pancakes, donuts, fancy milkshake/coffee drink, or some other junk.....YES! you improve! No surprise, and it wasn't the oat-based cereal at all.

I have been using and teaching fasting for metabolic/weight issues for a long time. Traditionally intermittent fasting was doing water fasts for 24 hours plus, multiple times over a specific period of time. Hence, the intermittent element. Not just skipping breakfast daily, which I DO NOT promote.

In the programs I conduct with people we work from 3 meals a day to meal timing (IF) and start fasting in a planned ROTATIONAL concept and have built up to 3, 5, 7, 12, and even 30 days in some very specific cases, NOT all cases by any means.

My point is we use the rotation to use fasting intermittently over 6 months, planned out depending on the person and situation, values and goals, and abilities.

At the end of the day, the only reason I rant like this and even bring it up is that I believe that true fasting can be very powerful and actually heal many metabolic pathways that are causing weight gain, weight loss resistance, hormonal issues, diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiac issues and much more.

Then when people start skipping breakfast and think they are "Intermittent Fasting" or doing actual fasts, they just may miss the profound opportunity to do life and health changing true fast or fasting rotation. Often when I post about fasting people say, "Oh, I already fast, I use the 16:8 IF model.".......grumphhh

In my best Eeyore voice, "Thanks for listening."

We can do better my friends!
Dr. Don

Functional Biofasting

Functional Biofasting

Functional Bio Fasting:
A synergistic combo of Intermittent Fasting & Insulin Friendly Living.
Part 13 of the Fasting & Autophagy Series

If you read my post “The Dark Side of Intermittent Fasting” you may have some questions about my view on it.

The lifestyle behaviors of modern-day intermittent fasting are found to increase health risks for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and accelerated aging.

The studies aren’t looking at lifestyle as much as they are a single behavior. The Insulin Friendly Living model of lifestyle addresses the 5 behaviors in Intermittent fasting and incorporates them so the net result not only eliminates risk, it magnifies the health, healing, and longevity potential.

There is one secret ingredient, variables.

Yes, if you strategically incorporate the elements of intermittent fasting into your insulin-friendly living, the right variables at the right time change the 5 health risks into 5 health enhancers.

One core concept in the work I do and teach in our programs is anchored in the activation of our most hardwired genetic responses for adaptation. I call them the “Start, Stop, Start,” mechanisms of the body. These deep-rooted responses drive extremely fast change in our bodies. Change that if it doesn’t happen now, we die. Survival reactions can produce the quickest healing and health improvements possible.

On a heart rate variability test the more variation you have between your heartbeats the stronger and healthier you are. The ultimate constant reading is flatline, you're dead.

Our body evolved navigating immense variables over a long, long, time. So much so, that when we have a contestant environment, our body breaks down. The body doesn’t deal with this new constant environment well and overshoots the situation causing physical degeneration.

Bring back some variables and let the body do its thing.

Here’s how I see it.

Breakfast. I follow a fasting rotation with a 5am wake-up time, 5:30 exercise, finishing breakfast at 7:30am. My next meal is either at 1pm for lunch, finishing dinner by 6pm in an 8.5-hour eating window, OR I eat my second and last meal at 3:30 closing an 8-hour window.

Breakfast. I follow a fasting rotation with a 5am wake-up time, 5:30 exercise, finishing breakfast at 7:30am. My next meal is either at 1pm for lunch, finishing dinner by 6pm in an 8.5-hour eating window, OR I eat my second and last meal at 3:30 closing an 8-hour window.

I compound my benefits by exercising, and since I do it in the morning, while fasted, and I chose to rotate intensity training with Variable Output Exercise, even more, positive health impacts accrue. Research shows that intensity training better activates my adaptation genes, and earlier morning is the best time of day metabolically to exercise.

Insulin-friendly food choices keep my hormones and system in the repair state where my body heals, detoxifies, and rebuilds itself from new stem cells. At this point the aging process is slowing on a cellular level, improving my metabolic profile at the same time.

I don't delay eating much and maintain a healthy window, not grazing all day, and stacking my food intake by eating more early on, and less later in the day.

Variables. Leverage anything you can to start, stop, start those adaptation genes, and watch your health and healing take off like never before. It’s amazing what can change and happen in just 3 to 6 months of applying these concepts. I have watched thousands go through it in one way or another, and it’s simply remarkable.

Now you might understand why I chuckle when people say, “You have a weight loss program, right?” Yeah, people do lose a lot of weight if they have it, but there’s so much more to this if you are willing to take the risk.

Give it a try, let me know how it goes!

We can do better!
Dr. Don